Things To Do In Barcelona

Obviously there are a thousand things to do in Barcelona but this is a little list of what I thought were the best value for money, most enjoyable and best all round. So here goes…


  1. La Sagrada Familia. It looks pretty bloody massive and is a great sight to visit both in the day and at night. It’s gothic structure really does loom over you and looks incredible, luckily for us it was right next to our airbnb apartment, which was great to look at every morning out the window! You can pay to go inside for around 15 euros, which we didn’t choose to do, but I’ve heard it’s best to book online to avoid long queues on the day.11108945_10155588980305727_3803775598491907928_n
  2. The beach! Barcelona has the best of both worlds for a holiday, in that you can do all the city break destinations with the added benefit of a beach holiday. When we went in early April the temperature was pushing 30 degrees so it’s a great way to merge the best of both into one holiday! The beach is lined with bars and restaurants – we stopped for breakfast on our last day and I really wish we’d have done it more, sitting on the beach in the sun in the morning eating away at poached eggs and bacon is always a winner. Of course you don’t have to stop still to enjoy the views, there are other ways, which leads me on to my next point…. 1929947_10156592597705727_8328606179838133323_n
  3. Hire bikes! We hired a bike each to cycle along the beach, it was 6 euros each for two hours which was plenty of time to speed down the beach, stop for a drink and cycle back. The beach in Barcelona is 4km long and hiring bikes is the best way to take in the whole thing and also to get a chance to see the incredible looking W Hotel, which is a place I would love to visit one day purely to wake up literally right next to the sea, but hey a girl can dream. Anyway, back to bikes – they’re great, I’d definitely recommend as they’re a fab and cheap way to spend an afternoon.11149444_10155588992240727_1023794751118214341_n12507153_10156592597610727_2837377923907773875_n
  4. Ciutadella Park. To be honest we discovered this park by accident. When travelling on the cheap we tend to walk everywhere (plus its a good way to burn off all that tapas am I right), and on the way to the beach we ended up walking through this park. I have a great Barcelona tour guide which recommended this park as it’s number one spot, and it really is a nice park. It has a large lake for little boat rides, large fountains and a zoo if you’re into that (personally really don’t like zoos…) and it’s a great place to hang out and sunbathe if you have a few hours to kill. The atmosphere there is more of a festival ground kind of thing, everyone seems happy, there’s games, food and drink and you can just enjoy the sunshine! 11130225_10155588979485727_1587313728970064868_n
  1. Tapas. This isn’t technically a thing to do, but you can’t go to Barcelona without eating Tapas. I had never really had it before which is pretty bad, especially now I realise how amazing it is. Throughout our 4 days there pretty much every meal was tapas, because it’s cheap and amazing. Ham croquettes, calamari, potatas braves and fries chorizo are just all the yeses really, so what more can you ask for?12507195_10156592597575727_8874148149060078609_n
  2. Drink. This leads me on to the drinking part because Barcelona really has some of the best bars (especially the beach side ones) and offers on drinks, especially Prosecco, I’m talking 5 euros for a quality bottle of prosecco. It was amazing. The cocktails as well, we’re talking the size of your head. I wish I could recommend a specific place, but you know I’ve forgotten because = drinks, but go to the beach and take your pick, there’s tons!10451778_10155588985945727_770129613589913683_n
  3. Park Guell is the postcard picture place of Barcelona and even though I did enjoy going, I didn’t realise you had to pay to visit all the pretty bits. But, if you don’t want to spend too much, like we didn’t, you can still enjoy the views of Barcelona and large walkways and parks that surround the pretty bits. The view you get up there (it’s quite high up – be prepared to walk up to the park btw) the view of Barcelona is really great, and for that reason I’d recommend! Of course if you want to spend some cash then go for the ticket to let you into the pretty mosaic bits, but you still get a good view from the peasant areas 😉1526107_10155588983785727_2941321958858433623_n
  4. Explore! Go walk around the streets of Barcelona and stumble across parks, tapas bars and beautiful architecture. It’s the best way to get around the city and also to discover places unexpectedly (see no. 4)11102623_10155588982310727_3898578724071174293_n

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