Places To Stay in Barcelona

This is my first post of this kind so I’ll quickly explain what this is.. I love looking for holidays and getting them as cheap as possible. I’m a massive fan of airbnb and because you can find really great places at really cheap prices. Below are my favourite picks for Barcelona, including where we stayed on our trip which I could not recommend enough, it was absolutely babin’.

This is the little flat we stayed in on our trip to Barcelona and it was great. We only paid £16 a night for a private room in the flat, but as it was a bank holiday weekend there was no-one there so we had the whole place to ourself. It was right next to the Sagrada Familia which was a great sight to wake up to every morning. We never met our host but she left the flat very clean and tidy with instructions for how everything worked. It’s such a bargain for a really central spot so I would definitely recommend it.

Price for 2 nights (can only do 2 nights at a time): £62

If your budget is a little bit bigger than ours (and ours was really really tiny) then I would recommend this place. It looks absolutely dreamy and at only £53 a night for the entire place it could work out as only £100 each for 4 nights. It looks in a great position for a holiday right next to the Barcelona beach which was one of our highlights of our trip, so what’s not to love?

This place looks amazing. Guaranteed you’re only paying for a private room, but look at this place. If I ever had enough money to buy a lovely place (in London lol never gonna happen) it would look like this. Fun fact – I have the same chairs at these people so you already know their sense of style is incredible.

Price for 4 nights: £303

This is a private room in an old mansion, do I really need to say anything else? Nope.

Price for 4 nights: £319

So this place has a balcony and is only £35 a night. Why haven’t you booked it aready?!

Price for 4 nights: £160

So all the airbnbs in Barcelona are dreamy apparently. This one especially looks like it’s jumped right out of a ridiculously unrealistic rom-com. We all know those kind of apartments, am I right?

Price for 4 nights: £202

Hostels are seriously underrated, and this looks like a really good one. Something you can always guarantee with a hostel? Cheap drinks, free city guides and good internet. And if you’re a solo traveller it’s a great way to meet people.

Who doesn’t love a pool? Nobody, that’s who.

Price for 4 nights: £365

And if you really want to splash out…

This place looks amazing, I mean I saw a pic on Ellie Goulding’s instagram of her staying in this hotel and it basically looks as though you wake up and you’re basically sleeping above the sea. The view looked insane. I’m going to post it below in a really non-creepy way, but I just would like you to see how insane it looks. LOOK AT IT. But it is pricey of course but if you have the cash to flash, then go, go, go.

Price for 4 nights: 523 euros


I hope you enjoyed this, and if none of these take your fancy, take a look at my tips for buying the cheapest flights and holidays post 🙂

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