Places To Stay In Santorini

Before I start this post, just want to clarify that the following places to stay will be all around Santorini. During our trip we stayed in a love place in Fira, mentioned below, but for the sake of it I’ve included places from all over, because the higher you go up the island, the price goes up too.

This place was so, so lovely and the best place for us during our trip. The price was amazing, admittedly it was in off peak times, but the owners still treated us like top guests and included free transfers to and from the airport which was an incredible add on. The bedroom we got had a little balcony, a fridge, a double bed, sofa and fully equipped bathroom spread across two floors. Oh and did I mention the price? It was so good, and I would do it all over again.

Price for 7 nights: £168

I think the only reason I didn’t go with this place was because it got booked up just before I wanted to. I mean, jus look at it. For that price, it is a bargain.

Price for 7 nights: £186

This place is pricey for Fira but it is one of the villas right on the cliff face, so you are one of the little buildings in all the beautiful pictures, so I guess in that sense you are really getting what you pay for.

Price for 7 nights: £695

This spot is in Kamari which is at the south of the island, but it looks beautiful and fits in 4 people so perfect for a group holiday. As mentioned before – the price is for the entire venue so split the below between 4 people and you’re laughing.

Price for 7 nights: £372

Once again, this is down the south, but it has incredible views from a private balcony at a lovely price.

Price for 7 nights: £248

This place looks absolutely gorgeous. Imagine looking out at that view as you wake up? Omg. But be warned, in Oia, prices are not low.

Price for 7 nights: £606

Another beautiful flat, set in the mountains with an incredible view of the Caldera. What more can you want? Prices go up from the below, as it’s obviously a lotttt cheaper in off peak times.

Price for 7 nights: £496

We walked through this town on our mini hike to Oia – it’s in between Fira and Oia – and the whole place looks insane. The views are amazing and all the places there are incredible. I googled it once we had wifi and almost fainted at the prices for what there was, but this place was one of the cheapest of what I could find, srsly.

Price for 7 nights: £786

I went a bit crazy including this place because it’s expensive but omg it looks insane. You open the door and look out towards the sea, as in it’s right on your doorstep. Amazing.

Price for 7 nights: £843

And, if you really want to go crazy, below is one of those incredible, insane, absolutely gorgeous all white villas you find in oia that are the dream. As in, they are the dream. You stay in one of those then that’s it, you’ve won at holidays forever.

Price for 7 nights: £1,987

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