A Weekend at Glastonbury

Some may not count this as a travel post, but Glastonbury for me is an annual event which often takes up more time, prep and money than most holidays, but it is absolutely worth it.

There’s 100 reason why it’s considered one of the best festivals in the world, so I thought I’d feature a few of my favourite reasons with you. Enjoy!


  1. The Variety
    There is more variety at Glastonbury than you find anywhere else. The festival has something insane like over 100 stages available across the entire site, and it’s safe to say if you can’t find a musical act you want to see at any point (and that’s pretty hard) then you can go and entertain yourself anywhere else. You’ve got the Theatre and Circus fields, or you can just explore the various vintage and trinket stalls, or take a hike up the Glastonbury hill to get a great view of the entire site, and ofc an obligatory pic with the Glastonbury sign… I could go on….IMG_4530


  2. The Music is On Point
    I doubt you’ll find such an incredible line up of bands in one weekend anywhere else. In the past four years I’ve seen The Rolling Stones, Adele, Kanye, The Who, Coldplay, Muse, Florence & The Machine, Lionel Richie, Dolly Parton, Tame Impala and so many more. And they’re only just the headliners! There’s an incredible range of talent, and you can’t quite find that variety anywhere else.11540837_10155920949415727_8826071933856067113_n


  3. The Food
    The range of food you can get at Glastonbury is actually a little bit overwhelming, I think throughout my 4 years I’ve had every type of food possible, and I’ve only managed about 5% of food outlets available. My absolute favourites have to be a big-ass plate of nachos with all the trimmings, the Glastonbury favourite roast-in-a-yorkshire-pudding and a breakfast burrito. Becuase if there’s anything you can do to improve breakfast, it’s to put it in a burrito.I have to do a shoutout to my ultimate fav though, and mention The Garlic Farm, who I have been dining with for four years in a row now (even allowing me a plate of free garlic mushrooms this year) and they are always on point. So. Much. Garlic.

    When I first went to Glastonbury I was still at uni so was massively on a budget and yet I still ate like a king every day. The festival has a very handy Food For A Fiver campaign which the majority of stalls take part in, meaning you can still enjoy the food on offer whatever the budget. Throughout the years I’ve refined my routine so I try not to go overboard on food and usually end up only buying breakfast and dinner, which is more than enough to fill me up, and is also pretty much my routine on a holiday!


  4. You camp within the festival
    This is the part that people don’t quite get as usually a festival set up involves a seperate camping area, and then the festival arena. But, with Glastonbury, everything is included in the one site – apart from the car parks – so you camp amongst the music tents and the food outlets. Obviously there are walkways and penned off areas for each stage, but it means you are camping right in the action, and even better – you’re allowed to take your own alcohol in!IMG_4248


  5. The music may stop at midnight, but the night doesn’t…
    I have only been to one other festival and that’s Latitude, (as a member of staff), so I can’t guarantee what nights out are like at other festivals, but I’ve heard there’s often a noise curfew, meaning the only option for a night out is a silent disco. However, at Glastonbury, the night never seems to actually end. There are silent discos if that’s you’re thing – in fact there are actually two – but you can find a multitude of places to spend your night until the early hours of the morning. The main venue is of course Shangri-La, which is the spot of choice for the majority of festival goers on a night out, so it’s often the busiest. But throughout my years I’ve spent nights out exploring Glasto Latino, The Glade, Arcadia, Burlesque tents, small tents with life drawings going on simultaneously, and even at a bar singling along to 00s classics such as ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams – and to be honest I’d count it as one of my favourites…I hope you enjoyed this brief round up of why I think Glastonbury is the best festival there is. For more pictures of mud, mud and more mud, check out my instagram at @grundytravels!

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