This is a bit of a throwback post as I actually went to Marrakech just over two years ago now, but I find it’s one of those places that there’s not a lot of information about, and a little bit of experience can help out new travellers a long way! This post isn’t going to be a massive run down of the entire trip, because I can barely remember half of it, but it includes a lot of tips we learnt the hard way whilst we were out there!


So to start off – we went to Marrakech with Teletext Holidays for £210 for 7 days, flights included and staying at a beautiful little riad on the edge of the city. People laugh when I suggest Teletext Holidays but that stops shortly after how cheap I tell them the holidays are on there. Seriously it’s so cheap it’s quite hard to believe, but everything went smoothly and it even included transfers in Marrakech, which was a lifesaver when you touchdown in a completely foreign country.


Because we stretched out a city break across 7 days it meant we had more time to try a few more activities we wouldn’t usually try, such as a traditional hammam and an authentic Moroccan cooking course. The hammam was an interesting experience, as it’s about 90% pain followed by a 10% relaxation bit at the end, and heavily involves a woman scrubbing your entire (and I mean entire) body with a hard exfoliating cloth so be prepared for that.

The cookery course was good fun, set in an incredible hotel we could never hope to afford so we chilled by their pool for a good amount of time afterwards. We learnt how to cook a chicken tagine with a free tagine pot thrown in for good measure which was great fun to try and fit into a hand luggage suitcase.


We also went to visit the Majorelle gardens, the botanical gardens previous owned by Yves Saint Laurent, which is an incredible little space in the midst of a very urban city. It’s a lovely large space filled with all different kinds of plants and also a tiny, free museum if you’re interested in learning the history of Morrocco.


One aspect of Marrakech I really loved was the food. Because of the exchange rate it means you can dine like kings for a tiny little budget, so we got to milk this and visit some really lovely and high end restaurants.We also ate in the main market one evening to try it out, and it was incredibly cheap here, but be warned – if you don’t have a strong stomach then maybe stay away, I’ll leave it at that…


This really was a whislestop tour of my time in Marrakech, but I’ll be back with a budget guide post shortly. I’d definitely recommend it here though, as it’s perfect for a holiday on a budget and is so beautiful pretty much everything you see is already Instagram-ready…

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