Amazing Treats To Pick Up If You’re Visiting America

Usually when you visit the States most people you know will enter a crazed frenzy of thinking of things you HAVE to bring back with you. 9/10 times these things are food related, and those food items are most likely overstuffed with sugar and additives you can’t get in the UK. And frankly that’s what makes them so great.

Now you can get your standard Hersheys and Reece’s Pieces here in the UK you can explore some other American sugary delights, so I’ve put together a list of my favourite food products to pick up in the States and guaranteed I’ve only been to the USA twice, I have done some extensive research.

Let’s begin.



These are absolutely insane and perfect to set the tone of this list. The Bud Light margarita beer hybrid drinks taste both amazing and awful at the same time. I think it’s beer with tequila in it but I’m really not sure to be honest. It just tastes a lot like sugar.

You can get them in different fruity flavours, so in my short trip to New York I managed to fit in a Strawberita, a Mang-ber-ita and a Lime-ber-ita.. the list goes on. To be fair the Lime one tasted the best, because it kind of fit with the margarita vibe, but there are tons of flavours and if you can, try and taste them all. If one day they bring these over to the UK I will be a happy, happy lady. Imagine how good these would be for festivals? JUST IMAGINE!



Yes we have donuts in the UK, and yes they are also great. But we don’t produce anything like you can get in the US, or in as many different and experimental flavours. Take the one pictured above, this was seriously the size of my head. It was lemon cheesecake flavour and it tasted incredible, and it also took me about two sittings to actually finish it.

I feel like the donuts you can pick up in the UK in a pack of 5 for 50p are good enough, but they leave you with jam running down your chin and the feeling of a dead weight in your stomach. The donuts I’ve eaten in America are completely different, the different flavours you can find take it way beyond anything that be considered boring, and they’re always so light and fluffy it makes it (slightly) easier to finish such a huge one.



This is a weird one because I really didn’t know what Taffy was when I bought it, and to be honest I still don’t really. I remember watching Friends when I was younger and watching Ross lose it over taffy and being completely oblivious. In all honest it’s essentially just a squidgy sugary sweet, but the main attraction is the ridiculous range of flavours you can get. I had bugglegum, pineapple and bacon, mmm….

Cheese in a Jar


Even the phrase Cheese in a Jar should be enough to pique your interest, and as horrific as that looks in the picture above, it tastes just like you think it should, a little bit amazing and a little bit disgusting. Don’t eat too much in one sitting or it could cause cardiac arrest…

Ice Cream Sandwich


The ice cream sandwich really is an incredible invention – a big blob of ice cream sandwiched in between two cookies – there’s really no way to go wrong. I am sure we can get these in the UK and Europe, but there’s nothing like American cookies or ice cream, and the two of them together is a perfect marriage. Although please don’t try and  bring these back in your suitcases as they definitely won’t arrive in one piece….

In n’ Out


Unfortunately you can only get this on the West Coast of the US, but it genuinely is one of those places where the hype really is true to how good it is. The picture above really doesn’t do it justice because it was taken before the days when food photos were really a thing, but believe me when I say it’s incredible. The burgers, the ‘animal’ fries, the pink lemonade… you’ve got to check it out!

Frozen Coffee/Frappuccinos 


Yes, I know we can definitely get fruppocinos over here in the UK/Europe and of course you can’t bring these back home in your suitcases, but frozen coffee in the US is just so different. I don’t know if it’s because it’s packed with more coffee, but probably because its stuffed with 100% more sugar, but if you need a pick me up (especially if you have bad jet lag) then this is your ticket. Also in Starbucks in the US you can get a cookie straw, so what more could you want?

Cupcakes – Especially from ATMs


Yes I mentioned it again, but of course American cupcakes are on a whole other level, and in Sprinkles cupcake shops you can get them from ATMs. Cupcake ATMs – it’s incredible.

So there’s my ultimate American snack list. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear more suggestions.

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