Tips for Planning Your Next Getaway

Holidays on the brain? Tell me about it. If I’m not gearing up for a holiday, I’m dreaming up far fetched getaways in my head – I just can’t help it. I’m lucky enough that in this year alone I’ve been to Iceland, New York and Mykonos and they’ve all been planned to perfection so that I can go crazy and enjoy myself, without blowing my budget.

Just a disclaimer – I’m currently working in a junior media role and living in a flat in London so I’m hardly rolling it – but I just follow the below steps and it’s allowed me to go on incredible holidays to faraway destinations, without having to break the bank (yes – I pay for all my holidays myself!).

So please read on and I hope this helps you with your next trip, and please use the comments to let me know of any you use!


  1. Ask around – Dreaming of a trip but not sure who you can go with? Mention it to your girlfriends, your guyfriends, your significant others, your mum or dad, even your colleagues? You never know who else might just be lusting over a break somewhere, and the more you talk to people about where you want to go you might find there are others with the same mindset. I’ve been with my boyfriend a while so I’m lucky that when I suddenly dream up a trip I want to go on he’s usually as excitable as I am to get going. However I am going to Australia next year with my best mate because we were chatting over a few drinks about how she had some free flights to use and then ta-dah suddenly we’re booked up for a two week trip around Australia’s must-sees and we’re mega, mega excited. Ask around, drop some not-so-subtle hints and you could get yourself a travel buddy you never knew you could have!14567963_10157799920965727_5886266812933476010_n
  2. Look to Social Media for inspiration. I follow a ton of bloggers, travel and otherwise on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin, and they’re not only great for new holiday inspiration, but also for all the little spots you might not usually find in a travel guide. People often groan about a sponsored post on a blog, but the amount of times I’ve seen a blogger be whisked away on an amazing trip somewhere it means I get introduced to a whole new place and experience through their eyes. It’s a great way to find new places to visit – when I have a holiday booked I search around on YouTube to look for holiday vlogs of that destination to get the best tips on where to eat, drink and what beaches have the best spots. It’s the best of both worlds, watching someone else go through a holiday so they can tell you the good and the bad, often means you can choose what you want to do and what you might want to avoid. (FYI – my ultimate favs are The Little Magpie, Kate La Vie and Hannah Gale)IMG_5574
  3. Get Saving. I’m going to quickly point out that I have no right to tell anyone how to save as I’m pretty terrible at it myself. But, if I know I have a trip coming up or have some plans brewing in my head, I start to work out what I can realistically afford, and tighten the purse strings for a bit to make sure I can achieve my trip comfortably. Bringing packed lunches into work, keeping away from the shops at the weekend and holding back on going out for dinner for a while helps to keep my money safe, and I know it will go to better use when I’m spending it on a dream trip, or on an extra glass of wine when I’m there.12115759_10156334194075727_2940275066107326837_n

    4. Look out for the best deals. This point relates to the last quite a lot, and is something I’m a huge advocate of – look out for the best deals – all the time. I find myself on budget holiday websites, or even just browsing through the Airbnb app on my phone making wishlists, to give myself inspiration for a new trip. There’s nothing better than typing ‘Everywhere’ into the destination box on Skyscanner and looking at the cheapest flights to desinations you’ve never heard of. You never know, spotting a last minute or budget deal might be a kick you need to get yourself out there.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please drop me a comment below if you have any dream holidays you’re thinking of going on, and I’ll see if I can help! Happy holidays!


Mykonos: Photo Diary

Ahhh Mykonos. I’m still not over you. It’s been a week since I’ve been back in the gloomy UK (I always say this after holidays but it’s suddenly hit freezing cold back in England and I want warmth again).

I have a few posts lined up on what to do and where to go in Mykonos but as always, I thought I’d start off with a photo diary of all my favourite pics.

To give some context: We flew to Mykonos in the first week of October (to coincide with my boyfriend’s birthday) and stayed at a hotel called Chill Out Studio in Mykonos town. It was absolutely perfect, from the tranquil beaches, to the insane stuff-yourself-til-you’re-sick meals and the temperature stayed at a perfect spot to get us a little tanned, but not overheating.

Below is a selection of my favourite pics, but for me please check out my Instagram. Be prepared for a lot of blue.