Best Places for Brunch in Sydney

Sydney is well known for being exceptional at coffee, and it doesn’t lack anything in the brunch department either. In my brief but wonderful stop in Sydney I managed to visit quite a few spots for brunch which I’ve listed below along with a lunch spot and somewhere for drinks, because why not!



Not to be associated with the Bill’s we have here in the UK, the Australian version is created by Bill Granger, who has also made Granger &Co which IS here in England. Still with me? Good.

The Bill’s we set out to visit in Surrey Hills was a quiet and cool little spot which had one of the healthiest menus I’ve ever seen. As always I had to opt for eggs, and was greeted with the creamiest scrambled eggs on toast with a side of spinach, because you know, got to stay healthy…

This isn’t just a stop for brunch, as it caters throughout the day – but I wouldn’t pass up having eggs here, or even just a coffee. Have I mentioned the coffee is good in Sydney? Because it’s really good…


Three Williams

Minimalistic and peaceful, the Three Williams in Surrey Hills that offered a little quiet space to have a beautiful brunch and some delicious iced coffee. Going with my usual – poached eggs and bacon on toast, it kept me full for my flight back to England (I mean, not for the whole flight obviously it’s almost 24 hours). It was a lovely little place to stop and enjoy a coffee for a while before trying to navigate the madness of boarding a long haul flight.




Another spot in Surrey Hills, we actually found Blacksmiths by accident whilst waiting to check into our hotel. It looks absolutely gorgeous inside, and true to it’s name, pretty much everything is presented in heavy metal, usually engraved on something. The teapots were – in my opinion – a little bit ridiculous, but it’s all part of the atmosphere.

They had quite an extensive menu – especially including all day breakfast, but feeling brunched out (didn’t know it was possible) I opted for a Caesar salad which was absolutely huge, but it had the perfect mix of protein, veggies, carb-y croutons and not too much Caesar dressing, because let’s face it, it’s not usually the healthiest salad… Apologies for the picture quality, when you’re waiting to check in to a hotel sometimes you can’t bring the nice camera in your suitcase along with you….



So Roy’s is a cafe which is actually attached to the Wake Up Sydney Hostel we stayed in, but I definitely would recommend it even if you’re not staying there. Once again they had an extensive menu which included all day brunch (LOVE an all day brunch) and the prices were pretty reasonable. Oh, and they also sell nutella donuts here and that is an absolute winner in my books.

Because it was attached to our hostel and also on our second day we encounter torrential rain, we ended up spending quite a while here. So I can account for the fact that the poached eggs & bacon on toast, tea and mocha AND iced mocha are all fantastic. Check it out if you’re after a hearty brunch or a coffee marathon whilst hiding from the rain…


Speedo’s Cafe

Now, I initially picked Speedo’s cafe because of the name but luckily the food inside was incredible. It’s location means you can eat scrummy food with a pretty sweet view of Bondi beach. I chose smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese on toast for mine and my friend chose these beautifully decorated pancakes.


Doughnut Time

Who doesn’t eat doughnuts for brunch? Right…? Whether that takes your fancy or not, you need to check out Doughnut Time – a chain of doughnut shops all around Australia. They’re a) huge, b) delicious and c) all have incredibly funny pun-ny names. I ordered a white chocolate monster doughnut and it took me several sittings to get through it. It’s a must if you’re visiting as I’m not sure it’s even legal to have doughnuts that size in the UK…

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetimg_0905

Ribs & Burgers

I know, I know – this post is meant to be about brunch, but I wanted to mention a good place we visit for dinner in The Rocks called Ribs & Burgers (Yes, really). It looks like a chain from the outside, but it’s quite a unique and cool restaurant, with a great outside dining area which has a nice view of the surrounding streets and (if you’re in a certain bit) a view of the harbour.

The menu has plenty more options than – you guessed it – ribs and burgers, so it’s worth checking out – also great selection of alcoholic and soft drinks. I had some sort of chicken and sriracha burger which was absolutely gorgeous.


Sydney Opera House Bar

And this one definitely isn’t for brunch but it’s a must-do if you’re visiting Sydney as a tourist. Nothing better than watching the sunset over the Harbour bridge with a couple of glasses of prosecco! There are a few bars around the area, but for the great view head to the Opera House bar early to find a good seat.


There we have it – my recommendations on where to brunch in Sydney (and a few extras thrown in for everything else). If you think I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading x

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