Weekly Wonderlust Round Up

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week whatever you’ve found yourselves doing. I wanted to start doing a weekly roundup, filled with the blogs/articles/podcasts/absolutely everything I’ve been loving and want to share with you, so enjoy…!

The Writer       

I don’t know how I’ve only just discovered Pandora Syke’s writing, but I’ve fallen completely in love with her travel pieces which can all be found here. I have been following Pandora in Instagram for ages because she post absolutely swoon-worthy pics of her travels, fashion and general fun. But recently I followed a link though and discovered Pandora’s amazing Columbia post and immediately looked up how I could get there, before being quickly stopped when I saw the price tag that comes along with it…  I love how Pandora has this way with words that makes you get it about her stay, and the photography on her posts is so gorgeous I am just so super jealous.

The Add-it-to-your-wishlist Article

I am a sucker for Airbnb, and I think if you’ve read the majority of this blog (thanks mum) you’ll know I bang on about it all the time. It’s my favourite way to find budget places to stay if you want a budget holiday, and it can lead you down a wonderful procrastination internet hole if you wish. This article by Refinery 29 has done a refined version of all the perfect picks form Airbnb that proves for a very wanderlust-worthy peruse. (the photo above is courtesy of Refinery 29)


The Podcast

This week on How I Built This they had the creators of Lonely Planet and it was such an interesting story to listen to – how they met and then started their travel guide business was fascinating and really lovely story. Definitely give it a listen – I found it so interesting the difference between the travel industry then and now!

The YouTube Channel

This is a bit of a cheat as I love Helen Anderson’s channel anyway, travel or otherwise. But on her vlogging channel she has recently been in New Orleans and it looks incredible, it’s cemented its place onto my travel wishlist. (The photo embedded above is courtesy of Helen’s instagram)


Best Holiday Discovery

Talking of dream Airbnb destinations above, I have found a beautiful place to stay in Crete where you stay in what looks like a baby castle. Your own castle tower right on the beach for only £53 per night, absolutely dreamy.

Favourite Instagram Photo

And to wrap up this week I thought I’d finish with my favourite pic posted to Grundy Travels – my 100th post! Thanks to everyone who has followed so far, I really appreciate all the love! I took the below this time last year in NYC, and just after I booked my flights to return in October – I’m so excited! If anyone has any tips please let me know, but you can find my old post here!



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