Weekly Wonderlust Round Up #2

Good afternoon everyone! Sorry for the radio silence on this blog but it’s been a bit crazy at the moment. I recently got home from Glastonbury festival, which may not seem like a big deal but post-Glastonbury jetlag is a real thing I promise – my sleeping pattern is all over the place and my post-Glastonbury cold is coming into full effect. I keep finding bits of glitter everywhere despite having about 500 showers, and my hair is something along the lines of scarecrow-chic. All that said, I don’t regret a thing, and I had an absolutely incredible time.

To make up for the silence I wanted to do another weekly wanderlust round-up as I haven’t done one since I last promised to. This week’s features a few articles I’ve found recently and loved, whilst also including some holiday websites I’ve been introduced to that I’m absolutely addicted to. I have a post coming up all about the package holiday vs doing it on your own, and you’ll see the inspiration behind that post in these – they look incredible.


The Huh-I-Hadn’t-Thought-Article

I’m lucky in that I have two holiday partners that have featured on this blog – my long-serving boyfriend (who is an absolute babe for putting up with me and my holiday photo requests) and my BFF who went on my epic Australia trip with (and another one for later this year – eek!). However, I’d never thought about doing a trip solo, but recently it seems like the thing to do. After seeing this article on Refinery 29 about the best places to holiday when you’re a solo traveller it got me thinking – that’s something I’d love to add to my bucket list. As the article says – it’s something everyone should aspire to once in their lifetime, and I fully agree.

The YouTube Channel

So Hey Claire needs no introduction from me, especially with a following of 900,000, but her recent video of a trip to Marrakech is absolutely gorgeous and deserves a watch if you’re thinking of holidaying to Morocco.

Best Holiday Discovery

As mentioned in the introduction to this post – I have recently been introduced to a plethora of holiday sites that I hadn’t even thought of before, so I wanted to include them below. I’m currently looking for a week break for my boyfriend and I at the end of September, but it’ll be on a serious budget so these websites have been perfect for my search.

Secret Escapes

Am I the last person on earth to find out this website existed? Probably. But this was recently sent to me and ever since I have been addicted – the hotels offered are so cheap, and so fabulous. Brb I’m just about to lose 5 hours procrastinating as I browse through deals…

Voyage Prive

Very similar to SE above, but with a bit of an extended range.


This is not a new one for me, but I’ve recently actually started paying attention to the emails that land in my inbox every day. Should’ve done this earlier, as there are some brilliant deals in there – for both home and away…

Holiday Pirates

Another new one, more great deals. What more can I say…

Favourite Instagram Photo

This photo wasn’t actually taken by me, but by my travel pal/BFF Katie whilst we were at Glastonbury. She takes the best pics and I spend half my time asking to borrow them because they’re just. So. Good.