Weekly Wanderlust Roundup Week #3

Welcome to the third installment of my weekly wanderlust round up. At the end of this week I will be jetting off to the south of France for a long weekend (#humblebrag I know)  and I’m hoping to get some good pictures and travel content for the blog. Therefore I have decided to set this blog post live before the end of the week so I can be in the land of wifi to share it with you all! So, please enjoy…

For the Solo Traveller

Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now is my biggest style crush, and I absolutely love reading her blog, whether she’s writing about fashion, lifestyle, book recommendations (she has her own book club fyi) or travel. The post in particular I really enjoyed reading this week is all about how to travel solo. It’s something I’ve never done (unless I can count the afternoon in Amsterdam where I escaped my boy pals to go and have a weekend on my own, window shopping whilst inhaling mayonnaise covered chips) but I found the tips really helpful for suggestions for travelling alone for leisure or business. Also the pictures are so dreamy, and make me want to visit LA ASAP.

For those on a serious budget (and in need of a laugh)

So I discovered Joe Golby through his column London Rental Opportunity of the Week which is absolutely hilarious and I would definitely recommend. BUT I also found this article, which is equally hilarious and helpful if you’re looking for somewhere to go this Summer for under £200. I know we’re now at the beginning of September, but if you don’t have kids, or jobs that involve them, now is the best time to look up holidays if you’re on more of a budget. Give this a read, have a chuckle (and more) and hopefully it’ll help you plan a holiday away if you haven’t yet this year.

For those who want to go further afield 

This is not really that on brand for me, as I don’t usually do the package holiday route, but I’ve recently been looking at the possibility of travelling to Orlando with my sister next Summer, and the discovery that Virgin Holidays currently have a sale on has certainly helped swallow the reality of how much tickets will cost. Check it out if you’re looking of travelling somewhere across the pond (and pound).

For the business savvy travel blogger

I really love Jayne i.e Girl Tweets World, after following her on twitter years ago, and whereas I love her posts about Australia (which came in handy especially when I took my trip there at the beginning of the year), I also really enjoy her posts about travel blogging, and tips on how to make your travel blog a success. This one on how to blog whilst also working is a great read, and I could particularly resonate as I’m often sitting here wondering what to write whilst fitting in my day job!

Favourite Instagram Photo 

I’ve recently been putting a lot more time into maintaining Grundy Travels instagram, as there are so many travel photos I’ve taken over the past two years and never got round to sharing. I’ve also edited my blog design so that some of these pics will now feature in my Blog header – keep an eye out for it as they change! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

I’ve also made a conscious effort to step up my insta game, and this gem happened to me the most liked in my recent posting-spree. This is the view of Bondi from the other side of the beach, and it’s also a personal favourite. Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to follow on insta here!

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Looking back at Bondi Beach 📍

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Thanks for reading this post, hope you enjoyed the articles featured here, and if there are any you’d like to share just comment below!