Where to Shop in NYC

Now I’ve made no secret of the fact I love a lil bit of shopping now and then, but it’s not usually something I prioritise for going on holiday. Apart from the obligatory tourist magnet, and the occasional thing I’ve forgotten – beach towel/hat/playing cards etc – I don’t tend to bring much back from holiday with me, unless you include about half a metric ton of sand from the beach in my handbag….

However, when going to New York, the city is eponymous with the grand shops of 5th avenue, department stores and designer outlets. As much as it would’ve been great to lose a few hours/days to going on a shopping spree, I had better plans to fill my time, so I only singled out a few shops to go to whilst there, and I’ve shared them for you below in this post.

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Chelsea Market

I’m so glad that on this trip I finally had the chance to visit Chelsea Market, and it really didn’t disappoint. It’s an inside market filled with coffee shops, places to eat and shops – from little boutiques to a big market hall called Artists and Fleas with stalls ranging from vintage garms to jewelry.

As we were there at Halloween the indoor decor was incredible, and exploring the inside felt like it was never ending, and it’s a great way to see some alternative shopping outlets. It’s also great if the weather isn’t great as it’s all indoors!

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As luck would have it, the week before my trip to New York Glossier started shipping to the UK – however they only have one (currently) flagship store and that’s in New York. Glossier is the much-hyped beauty brand created by Emily Naussbaum, editor of Into The Gloss – a website I tend to read everyday,  and it makes for great lunchtime procrastination – trust me. I’d seen from my favourite beauty bloggers that had been stateside that the Glossier products were the real deal and worth a try. Even though I’d watched umpteen videos and read several ‘best bits to buy’ posts, I wanted to go to the flagship myself and test it all out myself.

The Glossier showroom is in a penthouse suite, filled with little podiums to get trying out products. The staff are super helpful, and dressed in gorgeous light pink boiler suits – certainly the coolest uniforms I’ve ever seen. The shop assistant who helped me out was the kindest, and didn’t try to talk me into buying anything I didn’t want (the amount of times I’ve had shop assistants tell me what colour my eyebrows should be is ridiculous). I also had a few order requests from my friends back home, but the staff were totally accommodating, and packaged all my bits up in the infamous pink packaging, with added stickers and perfume samples as an added treat.

Just an FYI if you’re thinking of checking it out – I bought the Boy Brow in Brown, the Stretch Concealer in Medium and the Balm Dot Com in Mint – I love all of them so far, and they’re now part of my everyday makeup bag.


Tourist Tat shops

It’s kind of a right of passage really if you’re a tourist, so if you’re after the classic I ❤ NYC merch then you can find abundance on all big avenues. Whilst we were there we popped into a Christmas shop, and I seriously regret not picking up a few baubles – it would’ve been such a great gift.

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How is it 2017 and the UK still doesn’t have Sephora? I seriously don’t understand – it’s not fair. The US makeup superstore is a must if you’re ever visiting stateside, and luckily if you’re in New York I feel like they’re everywhere. Once again I came equipped with a list of items I wanted to try – mainly makeup items I couldn’t buy in the UK.

One thing I love about Sephora is their miniatures section, which means you can get mini versions of any favs you might have, and I love checking it out whenever I go.

This year I bought the IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light, The eos dry shampoo (it’s genuinely invisible and doesn’t turn my hair grey!), The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Shower Gel and some Sephora own brand eye masks. And – my favourite purchase – a miniature Replica perfume, which is a little roller ball version of my favourite perfume, but the large version is insanely expensive, so now I can wear the scent for fraction of the price – and I even bought one for my mum, 100 daughter brownie points to me…

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This was probably the most extravagant item I purchased in New York, but I thought what the hell – I was on holiday. I bought the New York edition of the large Diptyque candle. Yep, slightly OTT for a gift, but now I’m back and have had it burning I have to say it is pretty perfect.

CVS/Duane Reade

This might sound a bit odd to anyone reading from across the pond, as I guess these shops are the equivalent of shopping in a Boots or a Superdrug. But in America they just have all the best stuff in their convenience stores. Just look at the ridiculous array of face masks on offer?! I would go to these everyday for snacks (necessary), Lime-a-ritas (margaritas in a can) and also to peruse their beauty bits.

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And that’s a wrap. I promise I didn’t shop too much, but what other city can you justify losing a few hours to hitting the shops? I would also advise doing your research before you go to see what to buy, so you don’t waste any money or time if you’re shopping items you could easily find in the UK. I came equipped with the idea of what to buy and I’m glad I did as I don’t feel like I wasted any money on my purchases!

I hope you enjoyed the post above, if I’ve missed any obvious suggestions let me know in the comments! If you fancy following more updates of what I got up to in New York you can find me on Instagram at Grundy Travels!

Thanks for reading x

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