Goodbye 2017, and Bring on 2018!

Well, well well.. 2017 you have been pretty fantastic. Personally it really has been an incredible year, both in terms of my travel achievements and also what I’ve accomplished personally.

Travel-wise this year I really have had an amazing year of opportunities. I’ve been to Australia, Edinburgh, Berlin, My 5th Glastonbury, Secondigny, Mykonos and New York… and I feel incredibly lucky to have done so. I’ve really thrown myself into this blog, my Instagram GrundyTravels, and my newsletter, and I’m so encouraged by the interaction I’ve received as a result.

Below are my ‘2017 best nine’ on the Grundy Travels account, but my personal favourites top way more than nine..! Let me tell you about my 2017 highlights below, with some of my favourite pics from the year too..


  1. I pushed myself more this year. I travelled to the other side of the world by myself – Australia, and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I’m quite a big scaredy cat when it comes to the big things, but I gave surfing a go – and absolutely loved it. I also went snorkelling out on the Great Barrier Reef amongst all the fish, jellyfish (!!) and sea turtles. It was incredible to do, and I’m glad I pushed myself to do it as I’m not a strong swimmer – but that’s something I want to work on in 2018! I flew long-haul by myself and learnt to drive in a foreign country – which might seem like small hurdles but I think of them as quite big accomplishments!
  2. I learnt to go with my instincts, and not to take all travel advice to heart. I love researching trips before I go and asking for advice, but sometimes you have to trust your gut on what you want to do. The amount of times in Australia we were told not to have a drink at the Sydney Opera House pier, or to visit Bondi because they were too touristy. But we did! And we loved it! Lesson learnt, listen to your gut!
  3. We did more ‘staycations’ this year. Taking more time to explore the cities in the UK that we’ve not seen as much of. We went to Brighton and I went back to Norwich – my uni city – for a long weekend. We also went to Edinburgh for our anniversary trip (not quite a ‘stay’-cation as it’s Scotland – but it didn’t require a passport or any different currency!). It was a great way to explore, take some time out whilst not having to spend too much money or book any more time off work!
  4. I started my Grundy Travels Newsletter! It started off as a little idea and has sprouted into something I really love doing. I’ve learnt a lot along the way – e.g. that I can’t manage a weekly letter, but I can put more time and effort into making a great monthly one. Watching the follower count grow and seeing the feedback from each letter has been really encouraging and I’ve really enjoyed it. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can follow this link here.

5. I threw myself more into this blog and my Instagram, (as well as starting my newsletter)! I hit the 50 post mark in October and it made me realise how much I love putting into this blog and writing up posts that aren’t just about my travels. I’ve tried to expand what I write about on here and it’s one of my resolutions to continue this in 2018 – I don’t (and can’t) have to travel all the time to create content, I will do it!

As for 2018? I don’t have any resolutions as such, except to take my makeup off before I go to sleep… and to switch to G&Ts rather than prosecco (seriously, that’s my resolution…)

As for travel plans.. So far on the cards we have a trip to Paris, maybe Portugal and a family trip to Majorca. I’m hoping to visit my parents in France in the Summer and hopefully a trip to Greece again. We’re toying with the idea of a big holiday in 2019 – maybe Australia again! But let’s see… I want 2018 to be the year of enjoying what I have and what I can do, without trying to do too much. After 2017 my travel plans and bank balance need a bit of a break!

I hope you’ve all had a great 2017, and thanks for sticking with me along the way. To all new followers and old, thanks for being here. I hope to bring you the best I can in 2018 – whether it be posts, pictures or newsletters!

So, as it is, HAPPY NEW YEAR xxxx



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