What I’ve Learnt in 2 years Travel Blogging

Well, well, well. Just by chance this week I discovered it was my two year anniversary of this blog, and it started me off on a trip down memory lane! I started this little old blog two years ago and I made a deal with myself that if I really was as serious about travel photography and writing as I wanted to be, I had to prove to myself that I could commit to it! It’s been a bit testing, and it’s been hard for several reasons I’ll go into further on in the post, but overall I’m so proud of the content, photos and write-ups I’ve produced, as well as all of the people I’ve connected with through this blog along the way.




It’s been a lot and I’m proud that the majority of holidays I’ve been on I’ve managed to follow my budgeting rules, whereas others have completely blown that budget! It’s been a blast, and so I wanted to write up this little reflective post of the past two years and  my highs and lows of my blogging experience so far.

I like to use as my little area of the internet, and for a while felt like no-one apart from my mum was reading (hi mum!) but watching and interacting with complete strangers who’ve found my blog, either on WordPress reader or my Instagram, has been such a lovely experience. Knowing that people have discovered my work, even simply through a hashtag, and then continued to read and comment/like my post feels so rewarding!



Also, I’ve never felt like a top-notch writer, but I’ve been building on that with every post I write. It’s been a great experience to build on my writing, and also how I style my blog posts each time, especially how I’ve built my ‘City on a Budget’ templates, so I can make each post as good as possible.

Similar to above, it also applies for my photography, I’ve always tried to take the best pictures on holidays I’ve been on even before this blog, but having Grundy Travels has really pushed me to up my photography game. Two Christmases ago I bought myself an Olympus Pen E-PL7 in the New Year Sales at John Lewis (it’s now been upgraded to the E-PL8 but trust me the 7 is a treat). This has been a huge help in upping the photo game, but I also think you can take a cracking photo on a trusty old iPhone – sometimes the trick is in the editing. I’ve put some of my favourite photos so far throughout this post, just for a bit of eye candy… My new goal is to get my head around editing software – sometimes just an app won’t cut it! So let’s see where that takes me going onwards…




The toughest aspect however, would have to be the balance. I find it really hard to find time to write, blog, take pictures and even go (and afford) on holidays all the time. I have a full time job that also involves a set holiday allowance, so I’m making it count where I can. It’s that struggle of trying to be a travel blogger when you can’t travel 24/7, so my goal going forward is to try and think outside the box when it comes to my travel blog posts, and to see what I can produce when I’m still in ol’ Blighty.




Overall the past two years have been brilliant, and I am really proud of the content that fill up this blog and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year brings. In the past two years alone we’ve been to Barcelona, Santorini, Iceland, New York  (twice!), Mykonos, Australia, Edinburgh, Berlin, Zakynthos and not forgetting two trips to Glastonbury Festival! Coming up this year I have a trip to Paris and Lisbon, so look forward to what content will follow! Hopefully in the meantime there’ll be posts that I can still write whilst staying in England, I’ll try my best!

To those who’ve been following since the beginning – thank you. And to those who have just found me, I hope you stick around!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


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