My New Year Travel Resolutions

“OH ANOTHER NEW YEAR POST, THANK GOD” I hear you cry. Well, you lucky things you, I have another one right here. I always set myself goals every year, despite how cliché it might seem (#newyearnewme). This year in particular I wanted to really set myself some travel goals, and for all of my creative outputs including this blog, my photography & Instagram in addition to my monthly newsletter.


I’m obviously setting myself some more personal goals (like to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night – yep.. that’s one..). I’m also attempting drier January after an absolute mad one of a December and money saving is a yearly one – more about that later!

So without futher ado, please find my travel goals for 2018…

  1. To write blog posts weekly

    Might not seem to be much of a biggun’ but after hitting the 50 post marker last November it occurred to me that after 2 years of blogging that means I had published almost 1 post every fortnight. This year my goal is to try and publish every week (every Sunday morning is my new publishing goal – but I’ll keep ya posted if the schedule changes!)

  2. To expand and vary my content regarding travel that doesn’t revolve around one trip.

    This plays a lot into the previous point but my aim is to vary and expand on the content I produce to not just revolve about the trips I’ve been on. I’d like to explore more ideas regarding travel – ethical travel for example is a big passion of mine, and I’d like to research and report on this more thoroughly.

    I am constantly bemoaning the fact I can’t travel 24/7, and whereas I manage to fit as many trips around my budget and annual leave as I can, I would like to expand my writing to explore aspects that don’t require me to get on a plane/train/automobile to do so. This will also involve trying to expand on my photography and other elements that accompany every post, but I’m willing to give it my best shot to provide the best content I can in 2018!


  3. To travel as much as I can whilst saving as much as I can – hopefully for a big trip

    As mentioned above, I do try to fit as many trips I can within my budget and annual leave as I can – but last year in particular this idea went out the window and I went on quite a few big trips that blew the budget a bit. This year my plan is take things a bit slower and to take smaller trips, sticking to Europe as much as I can (pre-Brexit in 2019 after all!). My aim is to keep to a budget as much as I can this way – following the old tricks of finding cheap flights on Skyscanner, sticking to cheaper accommodation via or Airbnb and researching the best places to eat and drink whilst on a budget – so we don’t accidentally stumble across the most expensive spots.

  4. To develop a logo and revamp my blog design

    Since starting the blog I’ve been through a few designs, and this past year especially I’ve been tweaking away at small bits to try and make it the best – visually – as I can. My aim for 2018 is to really invest time and resources into the design of this blog, and to make the logo I’ve had in my head this past year into a reality.


  5. To follow more travel blogs and Instagrams, to meet more like minded travel bodies and be inspired

    This is something I’ve definitely grown on in the past year – but I’d like to continue this by growing the number of travel blogs I follow, and also having more of an explore on Instagram. I’d like to do this to build on my inspiration, and to reach more blogs I haven’t seen before – not just for myself, but to also populate my monthly newsletter so you lovely people can see them too! I’m still new to the Instagram game for Grundy Travels, but the explore function is a great way to lose a few hours perusing…


    There we are! My 5 new years travel resolutions.. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and just give it 11 more months and I can check back in to see how I stuck to these! If you’ve set any resolutions you’d like to share let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!!!

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