My Favourite Blogs to Follow for Travel Inspo

Hello everyone! We’re now officially into February, and thank God January is finally over! I hope 2018 is going well for you all so far? Dry January is officially over and payday has finally arrived, and to top it all of I’ve just booked a trip to Paris! What a way to start the new year, eh?

ANYWAY, with holiday planning in mind and the reason I’m here is that I wanted to share with you some of my favourite bloggers that I always turned to for travel recommendations. Below are a collection of bloggers – whether travel specific or not – who I really love and enjoy their content – and most importantly – I want you to see!

I hope you enjoy my recommendations below, and don’t forget to follow the links through to the gals below (just realised all the bloggers are ladies… huh!) and get following, liking and commenting 🙂

The Anna Edit

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if you’re already signed up to my newsletter as I tend to wax lyrical about her, as I’m a huge fan of Anna and her blog and YouTube channel.

Whereas Anna is an all round blogger – covering Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle, I’ve really enjoyed her travel posts from the past year. Anna’s posts on New York especially came in useful last year when planning my own trip back in October, and I think they’re great reading for anyone else interested!

Anna’s YouTube channel is also a personal fav, and her video about her month-long trip New Zealand was so lovely and inspiring. It genuinely had me on Sky Scanner looking at the cheapest flight options (spoiler.. there aren’t that many..)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a really friendly and all-round blogger (beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle) then I always recommend The Anna Edit. I love her blog and watching her videos and can’t wait for what she’ll produce in 2018!

If you’d like to read more from Anna, 3 of my favourite posts are as follows:

Girl Tweets World

I discovered Girl Tweets World in 2016 when I started the research for my trip to Australia, and have been a big fan ever since. Jayne – who runs GTW – is currently living in Melbourne, although I believe she is originally from ol’ Blighty. Her brilliant writing style and the extensive range of places she writes about means I can always lose a few good hours reading through her blog.

I really enjoy Jayne’s posts about Australia – especially her ‘Stylish Guide To’ posts, which are super helpful if you want to find the best side of a touristy place. I particularly found the Stylish Guide to Bondi Beach help for our trip, and will be on the look out for any more Australia content now I know I can plan for my trip there next January (eep!)!

I would definitely advise following Jayne on Twitter to keep up to date on her posts, and she also shares helpful tips and other bloggers to read, and with all that I think she’s hilarious as well!

If you’d like to read more from Jayne, 3 of my favourite posts are:

Shot From The Street

I’ve followed Lizzie’s Instagram, YouTube and blog for a long, long time, but I feel like 2017 in particular Lizzie created some beautiful content, and her vlogs were also so fab. Primarily I think Lizzie counts as a fashion blogger, her blog posts are so well written and the imagery is always incredible! Her week on film posts are gorgeous, and watching her vlogs as well really shows how much effort and time goes into creating them.

I’ve really enjoyed Lizzie’s vlogs from the past year, including her moving trip (because I’m kinda nosey…) but her laid back style, honesty and humour prove why her fanbase is growing so rapidly.

What I love about Lizzie is her incredible style – of course – but all of the innovative videos and blog posts she produces are really inspiring to try and up your blogging game. Her travels over the past year have also been inspiring – I feel like when Lizzie Hadfield visits/recommend somewhere – whether bar, restaurant or hotel – that’s a good seal of approval from me.

If you’d like to read more from Lizzie, 4 of my favourite posts/videos are as follows:

Suitcase Magazine

Okay – so this isn’t a blog per see, however the Instagram for Suitcase Magazine is seriously inspiring! I love the magazine as it is, but they’re great to follow on social media as well for your daily fix of travel inspiration and to read the vast amount of online articles they have available!

The website is super handy if you’re heading somewhere specific on holiday (or if you just fancy some inspiration) but I love going straight there when I’ve decided on a location, and looking at what articles/recommendations they have on offer!

The magazine itself comes out quarterly, and there are always offers available to subscribe – and for digital versions as well. Personally I love following their social accounts to get inspired, and to also find other travel bloggers along the way!

If you’d like to see more from Suitcase, 3 of my favourite postsare as follows:

Fashion Me Now

View this post on Instagram

Hot storms ahead 🌪

A post shared by Lucy Williams (@lucywilliams02) on

I love Lucy Williams and her blog, and whereas initially she is a fashion editor and blogger, her travels are seriously wanderlust-y. They may be destinations I doubt I’ll visit myself anytime soon (Mauritius is slightly outside my budget), her travels and accompanying photography are beautiful and really inspiring. For example, Lucy’s posts about a trip to the Wyoming, Utah and Colorado ignited a want to visit there that I hadn’t had before!

Specifically last year I really loved Lucy’s posts about travelling to Zakynthos, which – perfect timing – were published just before my own trip. There’s honestly nothing better than finding the perfect post about somewhere you’re going yourself, I just wish I had the ability to take such good pictures, and wear such a nice wardrobe…

On non-travel note I also love the #fmnbookclub and also Lucy’s jewelry line with Missoma. So.. yep.. You can put me down as a member of the Fashion me Now fan club.

Below are 4 of my favourite posts to read:


Women Who Travel podcast by Condé Nast Traveler

(the above picture has literally nothing to do with this Podcast, but I love it all the same)

This is a very recent discovery but I have binged the entire series of Women Who Travel ever since I discovered the podcast by Condé Nast Traveler.

The podcast covers a broad range of topics that all relate back to travelling as a woman, from travelling as a mother, in addition to how the industry needs to do more for women of colour. I’ve really enjoyed the way the team discuss each aspect, such as where to travel safely as a female traveller, and how to handle group trips in an effective way.

I would definitely suggest this podcast – even if you’re not a big podcast listener – it’s great for someone like me with a long commute each day, but it’s also so interesting to listen along and be introduced to all these interesting topics! They also have a Women Who Travel Facebook group that you can apply to join, which is meant to be a big social safe space for female travellers to share their stories and tips!



Thanks everybody who’s made it to the end of this mammoth post, I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these recommendations and go on to read/listen to all (even some) of the above. if there’s any blogs you’d like to recommend please leave them in the comments section, and whilst you’re here don’t forget to check me out on Instagram here 🙂

Have a lovely weekend you lovely lot! x



















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