5 Must-Eat Dishes in Lisbon

I touched on this briefly in my Lisbon post, but when it comes to finding what to eat in Lisbon, you’re certainly not short of options. And even thought throughout my trip I had some really nice meals, it felt like it wasn’t where you went to eat, but what you ate in Lisbon.

So, instead of writing up exactly where we went and what we ate I wanted to instead write up the food in Lisbon that’s a must if you’re visiting. So please, sit back, relax and prepare to get hungry.

  • Pasteis de Nata

We knew this was something to try when we visited Lisbon, but not exactly how much people would love it and recommend it when we were there. They may look tiny but I certainly see the appeal now, these little custard tarts are delicious and will always leave you wanting another.

They often come with cinnamon to sprinkle on top – rumour has it that stops you putting in weight when you eat them, which is a good enough excuse for me… You will certainly find these all over Lisbon city so grab one when you can, or maybe even a few

  • Sardines

I never knew I was much of a fish fan until I had tucked into these sardines on toast, but these flame-grilled little fishes really hit the spot. We picked up the below at a little restaurant int he Time Out Market, but they can be found on menus across the city.

Not only can you find them in most places for a light lunch but you can also buy tins of them all over the city. They’re often packaged in cute wrappers which can make them a perfect gift

  • Codfish – Technically named Bacalhau – salted cod fish – you can find abundance of this fish on the menu throughout Lisbon. It can be had as part of a wider tapas meal or even as a snack.
  • Ginjinha – This portugese liquer is quite strong and sweet, infused with berries and usually served with a cherry at the bottom. Ginjinha shops can be found all over the city if you fancy a pit stop for a shot of the strong stuff.
  • Fado – Okay, so this isn’t a type of food, and also something I stumbled across by accident on my first evening in Lisbon, but Fado is ‘Portugal’s soulful national soundtrack‘ and can be found in restaurants – and Fado houses – across the city. If it’s something that’s high up your list of something to do in Lisbon maybe book a spot, as we were lucky to stumble across a Fado performance on our first night.Apologies if that post has made you hungry, but it definitely has for me in the process of writing it. If you’re heading to Lisbon anytime soon make sure to tuck in to their local delicacies, and if you think I’ve missed anything out let me know in the comments below! In the meantime you can check out my food snaps on my Insta @GrundyTravels.

Thanks for reading!

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