What to ACTUALLY Pack for a Festival

This post diverts slightly from what I usually write on this blog, but festival season is upon us and it started me thinking about my 5 previous, glorious years attending Glastonbury festival. However, Glastonbury isn’t on this year, and I don’t have any festival plans (although if anyone has anyone wants to get me Sziget tickets then FEEL FREE).

Either way, as this season rolls around I keep seeing content revolving around festival packing and frankly a lot of them don’t ring true tome. So I wanted to write up my recommendations for what to actually bring with you, as it’s not all disco pants and face glitter you know?


So, if you’re going to a festival this year – in the UK or otherwise – please take a look and let me know what you think. If I’ve missed anything let me know!


You’d think this would be a given, but even I have fallen into this trap before. Wellies are essential – for UK festivals especially thanks to our unstable British Weather – and they shouldn’t be underestimated. You can get a good, sturdy pair from a garden centre or even a standard shoe shop – but don’t be drawn on by cheap pairs, or even by fashion wellies – they’ll look good for a few seconds, but if the rain comes in it won’t matter, those nice wellies will suddenly be covered in mud. A few years ago I decided to wear my knock-off DMs from Topshop and it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, I think they lasted approx 5 hours before the sole came off, believe me – you need something sturdy.



Wet Wipes

Love it or hate it, we all have to face the fact that essentially at a festival, and you’re camping, you will not be washing as regularly as you would everyday. In this case, wet wipes are your best friend. Usually a budget pack of baby wipes will suit, but I find the beauty wipes from Johnsons to be a good bet, as they’re very moist – and therefore get the job done. And ladies, got to pack a pack of femfresh, can’t believe I’m writing this, but just… do it!



Battery Pack

If you’re at a festival and want to truly switch off, then fair play to you. But most of us are stuck to our phones – myself included. If you don’t bring your smartphone with you, I’d advise at least bringing a cheaper phone so at least you can be reachable to your pals. If you do want to bring your smartphone – as they also make for a good camera when you want them – it’s best to bring a battery pack. I bought mine from Amazon here, and it kept my phone charged for the entire week.


4. Pillow/Good Sleeping Equipment

There really is nothing better than a good night sleep, and at a festival it’s even more important that however short you do hit the hay, you have a comfy time whilst you there. Whereas you can forgo bringing anything with you, don’t forget you’re camping on hard ground. Also at most festivals you can buy anything you’ve forgotten for an extortion price, they also won’t be selling the best (I once bought a pillow for £6 that felt like a bag of cotton wool – not comfy). For a good night bring a pillow, sleeping bag – basic is fine as you don’t want to overheat when the sun comes up and your tent becomes an oven – and a sleeping mat. Sorted.

5. Bumbag

Thankfully times have changed and you can get some ‘fashionable’ looking bumbags, but a sturdy, plain one will do. I explained this briefly in my round up of last year, but at festivals it’s important to bring all your important bits with you, and keep them close. If you don’t need to bring something, or it’s too valuable to you – leave it at home. Also – as I learnt the hard way – when you’re asleep in your tent you still need to keep your valuables with you – preferably in your pillow case!


6. Food

Right – lets talk food. If you’re absolutely made of cash then sure, go ahead and buy all your food when you’re there, there’ll definitely be plenty of choice. However, if you’re thinking of bringing some food with you think of the essentials. No meats, no dairy, and essentially nothing that requires a fridge. If you want to go the whole hog and bring your own camping stove, then sure – but you can grab a cup of tea from most vendors for a quid.

My festival food essentials mainly comprises of crisps, breakfast bars and biscuits. It’s just to keep you running until your main meals. I always treat myself to a breakfast sandwich and a cuppa in the morning to recover from an inevitable hangover.

And that’s a wrap for my packing festival suggestions, I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any suggestions of something obvious I’ve missed out please comment down below. In the meantime check out my Instagram for future travel updates!


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