Summer Daze in Pollença

I don’t think there’s any better feeling than getting to the top of a 365 step climb in 30 degree heat to find a little bar at the top – especially with 2euro Sangria on the menu. Of course, this cute little bar isn’t the intended end goal of the breathless climb, as at the top of the bleached steps in Pollença, the Calveri chapel sits as the cherry on top of the very warm cake.

I have to admit I went into Pollença completely unprepared for what was to come, but reaching the top of the Calvari steps was a highlight of my most recent trip. I started off hesitant, and quite resistant to the challenge, but it’s something I’m glad we did, for you’re rewarded with an incredible view of Pollença from the top.

And plus, 365 steps – one for every day of the year as my boyfriend pointed out – doesn’t sound like that many, but in the peak of a 30 degree day it is quite a feat…

Said Calveri chapel was once owned to the Knights Templar, and it can be accessed by the impressive climb, lined with boutiques and villas where you stop to catch your breath and look back across Pollença town towards the mountains beyond. Of course, once you’re there you can reward your climb with a refreshing glass of Sangria to toast your heroic journey – just as the Knights would’ve wanted…

The medieval town is frequented by tourists, but still seems to be favored by the locals. Unlike Port de Pollença – the town’s more popular and busier seaside resort – you won’t find your usual holiday souvenir shops, but more likely laid back boutiques with jewellery, bags and home trinkets for sale.

Luckily for me I also has my eye on the straw bags I had seen around Majorca and wanted to pick one up for myself. And even better, the higher up the steps I walked, the cheaper these bags seemed to drop in price.

Sangria and shopping for handbags aside, walking through the bleached streets was a calm and sleepy little town, which covers the majority of the Majorcan town, and looks gorgeous in the peak of the sunny day. It has a laid back feel and a calm demeanor, with locals and tourists intertwined, dotted around the town in the various cafes and bars on offer, to offer a pit stop and shade from the heat.

Sitting on the North side of Majorca – a slightly less frequented by the British tourists than the popular South of the Island with Palma and Magaluf, it’s sleepy streets benefit from being in a quieter atmosphere.

If you have any plans to visit the Balearic isle anytime soon I’d definitely recommend a visit to Pollença, if not to laze through the side streets in search of trinkets, then give the 365 steps a go, and reward yourself with a sangria on me…

I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s slightly different to the usual on here. For more travel updates and pictures you can check out my Instagram @GrundyTravels. Thanks for reading!


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