Photo Diary: A Paris Proposal

I have no idea where to begin this post – because I certainly didn’t think I would be writing it this time last week!! Of course I had plenty of Paris themed content I wanted to write – and they will be coming soon – but I wanted to make this photo diary of the weekend as it’s certainly not one I want to forget anytime soon…

If it’s not clear yet from the title, I got engaged this weekend! In Paris my lovely boyfriend (now fiancé…) took me completely by surprise and proposed! We ended up having the best weekend ever and so I’ve decided to write it up here as I can come back to this in the future and I’ll know I’ve written down my emotions and memories from the weekend when they’re still fresh in my mind.

So, first things first – we got engaged in Paris! My amazing boyfriend (now fiancé) completely surprised me by getting down on one knee in jardin du Palais-Royal, on Saturday morning whilst we were walking from the Eurostar to the River Seine. Even though we’ve been together for 6 and a half years, I genuinely did not see it coming, so it does feel slightly surreal to write this up now.

Of course the engagement made this weekend 100x better than I could’ve imagined, but the whole weekend worked out so well it feels like everything else from then on was an incredible cherry on top of a gorgeous cake. From the proposal, to FaceTiming our families to tell them the news, to watching the sun set behind the Eiffel Tower – the whole weekend was perfect.

Not only that, but we were we surprised by Eurostar who upgraded our tickets on the way out (hellooooo free breakfast), and also our hotel upgraded us to a top-floor room with balcony. And not even because we were engaged! Clearly luck was on our side this weekend….

Speaking of which, the weather was incredible! Topping 35 degrees it meant we were meant with sunshine all day – which we of course had to keep bar-hopping to hide in the shade – in addition to a gorgeous pink sunset which we watched set behind the Eiffel Tower.

I also want to mention all three of the restaurants we ate at this weekend, and what an gorgeous time we had at each of them. The most special restaurant has to be Le Grand Colbert, which is where we went straight after the proposal and after we had called our families. We both opted for Moules Marinieres with frites and of course, champagne! It was the perfect lunch for the occasion, the restaurant was beautiful and the staff were super friendly and attentive – they quickly cottoned on that we were celebrating our engagement and soon they and other restaurant patrons were offering their congratulations.

For our evening meal we were looking around the Eiffel Tower, and stumbled across Bistro Saint Dominique, where we were able to sit outside – although the inside looked incredible too! We both opted for steak frites which was mouth-watering, and the staff were very gracious when I muddled up my wine order and accidentally ordered desert wine instead of a normal glass – and swapped it without charge.

For the Sunday we stuck with our initial plan (which obviously I made oblivious to the fact George knew he’d be proposing on the Saturday) and headed off to Bouillon Chartier as we really enjoyed our time there on our last trip. It was still just as good this time, although I have to admit some of the wider options on their menu are quite interesting…. Either way I went for the house pâté to start, and steak frites with peppercorn sauce for lunch (sorry, such a Brit abroad but the steak frites were too good to turn down!)

Also, our hotel – the Hôtel d’Orsay – was absolutely perfect the occasion – and being upgraded was an incredible way to celebrate. We were given a room on the top floor with a balcony – and that was even before we’d even mentioned we were engaged! It was a perfect spot to sit and drink a glass of Champagne and FaceTime more of our families to tell them the good news.

We also had breakfast delivered to our room the next day – which we of course ate on our balcony and watched the world go by on the Parisian streets below. Everything at the hotel was perfect, from the room, to the extras, to the service from the staff – we were treated so well and it was the perfect cherry on top of a wonderful weekend cake.

Before we went to Paris I had already told George I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night close up, so the plan was to take the (free) bottle of rosé from our room and wander down to the tower to watch the twinkly lights. We ended up doing this after dinner, and it was gorgeous watching the pink sunset behind the tower before it lit up at 10pm and was covered in sparkling lights.

Sunday was sent exploring Paris via Lime scooter (more on that on the blog soon…) and bar hopping to escaping the hot weather. It was brilliant just to mosey around in the good weather and enjoy the post-proposal bubble we were in. I think other people must’ve guessed we were on cloud nine, as we received really lovely treatment from everyone we met, and it made the whole weekend even better.

We ended our trip on Sunday evening in the business lounge at the Gare du Nord, treating ourselves to complimentary gin & tonics, and spending the ride home messaging more of our friends to tell them the good news.


I know this post is filled with perfects, and amazings, and incredibles, but I can’t help it! It’s been possibly the best weekend of my life, and it was completely unexpected. I’m very grateful and lucky girl to have spent the past weekend with my fiance (!!!) and am so lucky that he planned this surprise.

If anyone is reading this I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it’s a bit ramble-y and self indulgent but I can’t wait to read it back in the future months to come. And in the mean time… I guess we better start planning a wedding!


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