Riding with Lime in Paris

I have to start this post by saying, if you’d have told me I would be riding around Paris on an Electric scooter, having the time of my life and then writing a blog post about it – frankly, I wouldn’t believe you. But here I am!

On my recent trip to Paris my boyfriend and I stumbled across a few Lime scooters dotted around the streets of Paris. What started off with ‘huh, what are these?’ soon turned into – ‘HUH, shall we give these a try?’. A quick google later, we found out that Lime is a US based company that has recently launched in Paris – as recently as two months ago in fact. So we downloaded the app to give it a go.

I have always been an adult scooter naysayer, because frankly I’ve never seen someone on one managed to push themselves faster than I can walk. However, I’d also never properly seen an electric scooter – and that is where the fun comes in.

So to start with the logistics – Lime can be downloaded as an app and then your account can be topped up in 10$/euro amounts at a time – with auto top-up as an option. It then operates in a method similar to Uber/Ofo bikes – whereby you can see a map of your surrounding location and the amount of available scooters there are to unlock. As they are electric scooters it also displays their battery percentage – which is super helpful to detect which ones are running low if you’re planning on going far.

Once you’ve found your nearest scooter, you ‘Scan to unlock’ and use the camera to scan the UPR code on the scooter to link it up with you phone. Once you’ve read the instructions it’s yours to play with.


The general gist is to do a run up – as with a normal scooter – and when you’re on you can press the go button and whizz away as fast as you like. It doesn’t take too long to get a hold of, and it’s a really great way to speed along and see the sights without getting too hot. Of course, when we gave this a go the temperature was reaching 32 degrees in Paris, so it was a nice, refreshing break to have a breeze in your hair whilst whizzing along side the river.

Of course, when we gave our go with Lime a try, we only stuck by the riverside which has a pedestrianized zone where you can scoot and ride bikes as well. If you stray away from this you’ll need to use the cycle paths, which is up to you whether you want to give it a go, as I find cycling/scooting on foreign roads to be a bit hair-raising sometimes.

The only other slight drawback is that as the bikes are electric that also means they require charging, and therefore by the end of a day you’ll be left with less options to pick up and ride. We only spent half of our top-up amount on the morning ride with every intention to pick up another bike later in the day, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any around with enough battery and didn’t want to risk running around Paris on a treasure hunt for  scooters that might get picked up by someone else before we got there.

Those are the only slight hitches I can mention though, as overall I would thoroughly recommend giving Lime a go if you’re in Paris next. especially if you’re vising in hot weather it’s really good fun to pick up a scooter and ride down the river. It’s a great way to see the sights, and it’s so easy to use!

I hope this post comes in handy if you’re off to Paris anytime soon, as it’s something I would wholeheartedly recommend. For more travel updates and pictures you can check out my Instagram @GrundyTravels. Thanks for reading!


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