How To Plan A Surprise Trip

After what feels like 10,000 days of holding in a pretty big secret, I can finally reveal that I am off to Copenhagen this weekend!

Initially I wasn’t going to write a post about planning a surprise trip because I honestly didn’t think there would be too much to it. But how wrong I was. Throughout the past 4 months I’ve been secret squirreling on my own to plan a surprise trip to Copenhagen for my boyfriend as a gift for his birthday. Throughout the way I have learnt a lot and I wanted to share in case it inspires your or helps you if you intent to do the same.

Little White Lies

If there’s one thing that’s really been handy, it’s that my boyfriend was already expecting a trip somewhere. That somewhere wasn’t where we’re going – I initially told him we were doing a staycation to compensate for the money we need to save in anticipation for Australia next year.

Therefore I managed to avoid completely going ninja, and contact his work about secret annual leave or trying to co-ordinate his weekend plans so he had absolutely nothing organised on the weekend I want to take him away.

If you have nerves of steel and luck on your side then you can try and do it without your surprise knowing anything, but I would definitely recommend laying down some sort of expectation that they’re going somewhere, even if the exact location is still under wraps.


You will almost slip up quite a lot

The amount of times I have almost slipped up that we’re off to Copenhagen is ridiculous, and not in the ways I would expect. For example, my in-laws were talking about their upcoming trip and the amount of times I almost let slip that I had heard of what they were talking about, or I knew anything more about Copenhagen than you would if you hadn’t been researching it every day for the past few months was ridiculous.

ALSO, thanks to this internet world of cookies it also meant every time I would research Copenhagen it would follow through to my social media adverts. Making sure my other half didn’t spot anything caused quite a few hair-raising moments, but hopefully he didn’t notice a thing.

Unsubscribe From all your emails

Mainly because I had booked this trip so far in advance, it meant I was then completely swarmed by contact check up emails from the airlines and Airbnb – ‘Are you ready for Copenhagen, Fiona?’ and ‘Do you need to rent a car in Copenhagen, Fiona?’ were daily occurrences in my email inbox, and whereas I’m lucky my boyfriend would never care to login and read my emails, the amount of times I opened my emails to have those subjects blaring in bold at me were too many.

Unsubscribe, from them all. even if you’re not planning a surprise trip, unsubscribe. There’s too many to handle.

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Don’t over-plan

My final point is essentially – plan the essentials – your travel, your accommodation and some basic outlines of what to do. But don’t overdo it. Whereas planning a surprise trip for someone is a lovely thing to do it might be a bit overwhelming to receive a completely planned to-the-t trip when you were just expecting a mini spa break in the Cotswolds.

For this trip I have made my boyfriend I have made a ‘Guide to Copenhagen’ which lists the basics of our trip, and then options for while we’re there. Even though the flights and accommodation were really cheap for this trip I’m aware I have booked him a holiday to one of the most expensive European cities, so I’ve left plenty of leeway for us to not go overboard on spending whilst we’re there.

Nothing ruins a lovely surprise holiday by then expecting the person to fork out hundreds of pounds to enjoy themselves when they’re there, so I’ve listed a few options we can do when we’re in Copenhagen – Free walking tours, options for dinner and even excursions we can do if he wants.


Anyway, as this post goes live I’ve just given my boyfriend his gift and I’m glad to report it went down very well! Finally sharing the secret has made me so excited!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about how to plan a surprise trip, I hope it helps any of you planning something similar. Posts on Copenhagen will be coming soon, but in the meantime, you can find my other Insta snaps on my Instagram @GrundyTravels

Thanks for reading x


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