Where To Eat in Melbourne

A quick disclaimer before I get into the nitty gritty (and by that I mean, the close up avocado toast pics) but this post should actually be titled “Where to eat in Melbourne and surrounding areas”, as we do deviate from the city slightly.

And even though I have touched on a few of the spots below in my recent post about What To Do In Melbourne, I felt that the food spots we visited needed their own post, as the below all come highly recommended.

From brunch to rooftop bars to fancy establishments and back to brunch again, I have you covered. If you’re heading to Melbourne city – and surrounding areas – anytime soon, definitely give any of the below a go, and you won’t be disappointed.

Captain Baxter

Situated perfectly right on the beach at St Kilda, Captain Baxter ticked all the boxes in that it has a) incredible views, b) a pretty decent Happy Hour and c) a cracking menu with lots of choice.

Guaranteed, the final bill price sat at the pricier end of a usual meal out, but I would say Captain Baxter is completely worth it, and we definitely thought so, as we went back twice.

Whereas the Happy Hour specials deserve a mention ($6 sparkling wine and $3 oysters) the bar area outside is a perfect spot – especially with the glass side acting as a wind break, which is really needed at St Kilda. You don’t need it getting all windy when you’ve got sparkling wine to enjoy.

We ate twice at the main restaurant and both meals were authentically flavoursome, and neither time left us disappointed at all. Their menu offers main options in addition to smaller plates, and you can pick and choose how you want to style it. My first meal (pictured below) was of smoked trout salad – not something I would usually pick, but with a side of hearty baked potatoes, it was a reallly good meal. My second time there deserves a huge shout out, as my favourite meal of moules frites was spiced up – literally – with curry sauce and roti.


A perfect spot that is great for a budget and tasty lunch! I found Miznon recommended on Girl Tweets World, and I can definitely attest that it’s a great and cheap option for lunch if you’re not looking for anything too big or expensive!

It’s a Mediterranean Street food spot with Insta-friendly interiors, or great outdoor seating if you’d prefer people watching whilst you feast. The menu is incredibly reasonable and the portions are huge. I picked the Wagyu burger and it was absolutely delicious, and a perfectly sized large lunch for a tiny price.

Farm Cafe

Another spot so good we visited twice.. but I really can’t recommend The Farm Cafe enough. It’s situated a little further outside of the city, but if you fancy hiring a bike and exploring further into the country then The Farm Cafe is a perfect place to cycle to.

Both meals I had there (which were brunch – which they run all day…) were delicious, with perfectly ripe-but-not-too-ripe avocado and rich, hearty bacon rashers. If I could return I’d try dinner out too, but to be honest I don’t know if I could stop myself choosing the breakfast again…

Because of its location slightly out of the city hustle and bustle it’s a bit more chilled and laid back. Sitting next to a working farm (hence the name) you can relax with the sounds of chickens clucking away.


Also situated on St Kilda beach (and underneath Captain Baxter in fact…) but Republica deserves a shout out for providing a budget option for dinner in an area that doesn’t always seem so budge- friendly.

I think this spot would be a great idea if you want a cheaper meal, as the restaurant and bar do daily specials and set menus. We so happened to be there on the Fish and Chips day, which was fine by me.

If you’re travelling solo and looking to make friends, the bar also host volleyball on the beach from Tuesday-Thursday evenings. And if you don’t fancy getting sandy (and sweaty) and just want to sit back with a drink, the outdoor area has plenty of choice to kick back an enjoy the view of the sunset or of a volleyball match in action.

Naked for Satan

An intriguing name for an incredible setting. This is a rooftop bar in Fitzroy, North of Melbourne, and an area that’s worth visiting just to wonder through and explore the shops and cafes.

Naked for Satan‘s main drawing point is the rooftop bar view of the cityscape, but the interiors were also incredibly jazzy – both on top and in the restaurant on the bottom.


Whereas their full menu looked delicious, the also had a great happy hour offer running every afternoon. All their small plates were only 11$ which was perfect for a small meal, or to mix and match to make a Tapas situ.

As below I settled for seared beef and liquor peppers, which certainly hit the spot, and where spicier than any I’d had in England… Also I have to mention the incredible Vino Tinto there. As a long time Sangria fan I enjoyed this alternative, of red wine, Aperol and lemon fizz. Delicious.

Ponyfish Island

A final mention for this post as I have to admit we didn’t eat here – but the views, drinks and food we did see whilst there were enough to add this to the list!

Located in the middle of a bridge across the Melbourne river you really are right in the middle. It has a 360 view all around where you can perch at the edge and enjoy your drinks and watching the rowers go by.

Whereas I can’t attest for how good the food was – although it did smell incredible – they did a very good and large portioned Sangria!

And there we go, my 6 recommendations for eating and drinking in and around Melbourne! I hope you enjoyed this post, I really hope it comes in handy if you’re planning a visit to Melbourne. Regardless of budget or time of day any of the spots above are very good options to visit!

More Australia content is coming to the blog but in the meantime you can find more of my travel snaps on my Instagram @GrundyTravels

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