The Bondi Icebergs

Confession time: I am a giant scaredy cat. So booking a three week trip to Australia – where most of the animals seem to be out to get you – was a risky holiday for me already. Add to that that I’m not the most confident swimmer, and well, you can start to wonder why I booked to go to AUSTRALIA of all places.

Well, luckily enough it seems the Australians have found a great way to still enjoy the sea when you’re not the most confident swimmer, by building swimming pools right on the sea’s edge.

This is where the Bondi Icebergs come in – for £8 for the both of us we spent the afternoon in Bondi Beach swimming along and then sunbathing on the side. It was great fun and a guaranteed way to get me into the water.

The icebergs are picturesque to say the least – in fact they’ve been my work desktop background since I last visited two years ago. I’m just glad I actually got the chance to visit and swim in them this time.

Complete with a smaller, kid-friendly pool, and a larger swimming pool split into lanes its easy for even the most inexperienced swimmer to give it a go. In addition, whilst there I saw adverts for an amateur swimming club and also yoga classes on offer, so if you’re planning on sticking around Bondi for a while it’s worth taking a look.

If you don’t fancy a swim, or paying for the privilege, you do have the option to eat at the restaurant above. The only caveats being that it does look quite fancy (ready – expensive) and I think there’s a booking premium for sitting on the balcony with the view.


If you’re not a fan of swimming it’s worth a visit just to watch the waves crash over the side of the pool, but if you’re a thrill seeker you can try and swim along the far left lane and battle against the incoming waves.

If you want a chill swim time just stick with the slow lane like I did and you can still get your laps in without getting pummelled by the waves, or getting in anyone’s way!

I love looking back at the pictures from our afternoon at the Bondi Icebergs. Bondi in general is such a lovely place to be, and being able to swim along at the Icebergs is just an added bonus!

I hope you enjoyed this post, more Australia posts will be coming to the blog every week, but in the meantime my holiday snaps can be found on my Instagram @GrundyTravels.

Thanks for reading x

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