The Bondi to Coogee Walk (and back again)

The infamous Bondi to Coogee walk had been recommended to me countless times before I’d even set off on my trip to stay at Bondi beach, so I’m glad to say it’s something I’ve finally ticked off the bucket list.

I can also finally attest for how good it is, and would definitely recommend completing the walk, whether just a part of it or the whole hog. If you find yourself in Bondi with a few days spare (lucky you) then definitely give the walk a go, as the beauty is you can pick and choose however long you spend at each stop along the way!

Below is how we chose to do the walk!

Starting in Bondi we chose to walk over to Coogee beach first thing in the morning, stopping off for brunch first of course – #priorities. Speedos cafe is a particular treat of an eating spot as it’s just up the hill so you get a panning view of the beach from the window.

The menu options are also spectacular – I went there two years ago and it was top of my list to return to. The vibe leans towards the #healthyeating side, but the menu gives plenty of options, healthy or otherwise.


The first thing to know about the walk is you can choose to do it in a myriad of ways. You can either power through straight on to Coogee, or pick and choose which beaches to stop at on the way – even all of them if you fancy. The main stops according to the walk website, are Bondi – Tamarama – Bronte – Clovelly – Coogee.

We chose to beach hop on our way to Coogee and it was a gorgeous way to spend the day. I’ve written about the Bondi Icebergs before, and so can enthuse even more about the swimming pools dotted along each beach if you fancy a dip!

If you don’t you can just lay back on the sand and watch the surfers trying to catch the waves. There’s roughly around one cafe stop at each beach so if you fancy a coffee, ice cream or an alcoholic bev you can stop and enjoy the sun and the views.

Bronte Beach

The first beach on the walk, Bronte beach is certainly a smaller option than Bondi which means you won’t be battling the big crowds. About 25 minutes into the walk it’s really not too far, and we chose to stop at the beach for a swim. It’s a great spot to also watch the surfers trying to catch the waves, while still providing enough space to enjoy a swim – there’s also a swimming pool by the ocean for us scaredy cats who don’t want to get into the ocean!

Clovelly Beach

Next up on the walk – about 40 minutes later – you find yourself at Clovelly beach, which is a tiny stretch of sand with a swimming pool as well. There’s a lot of concrete here and not as much sand – so  warning if sandy beaches are more your thing!

We stopped for a coffee at Seasalt which was at the side of the bay, to sit in the shade. Whereas we only had a drink we were watching our fellow patrons tucking in to some really good looking food, so if you fancy a spot to eat this could be a good option!

Gordons Bay

Just round the corner from Clovelly is a little bay, which is certainly a quieter stop to sit back and sunbathe. There is a little patch of sand, and lots of boats docked up on the beach, but a lot of sunbathers had  spread themselves out on the nearby rocks around the bay. If we’d have had more time it would’ve been a great spot to sit back and enjoy the view – or if there’s any Airbnbs nearby I would definitely try and snap one up – what a spot!

Coogee Beach

And then onto the finale! Not too much further from Gordons Bay (although it is up a  hill…) you arrive at Coogee – approx 2 hours from the original start point. On our trip we finished off the walk with a sunbathe before sharing a pizza at Coogee Pavilion 

This was another spot I’d recommend along the walk as it seemed to be a great spot for all types of food – and some really good rose. Whatever you’re after – food, ice cream, a sit down meals, they seemed to have it all.

Once you’ve done the walk – and regardless of where you’ve stopped off along the way – you can choose to either grab the bus back, grab a lime bike, or even walk it back! We chose to walk it back as we had plenty of time to do so, and we wanted to have another dip in the sea before the sun set.

I would definitely recommend doing that as watching the sun set over Bondi Beach was a really lovely sight. We finished off all our hard walking with fish and chips by the sea.

I love looking back at the pictures from our walk along the Bondi-Coogee walk, it was a day we both remember so well from our Australia trip. Bondi in general is such a lovely place to be, and if I were back for longer I’d take the time to visit each of these beaches for more time!

I hope you enjoyed this post, more Australia posts will be coming to the blog every week, but in the meantime my holiday snaps can be found on my Instagram @GrundyTravels.

Thanks for reading x







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