Byron Bay

What can I tell you about Byron Bay? It’s exactly how it looks since last time I came here two years ago, but I’m lucky that this time we’ve had more time to stay here and explore further.

As I write this – on our sheltered balcony with an Australian coffee next to me – I’m watching the rain absolutely bucket it down outside. Considering we’ve been travelling around Australia for two weeks and this is our first encounter of rain, we’re feeling pretty lucky so far.

I’ve just written out everything I’ve been thinking about our stay, so this is more of a rambly, diary style post. I hope it makes some sense, so let’s get going…

On our first day here we attempted the Byron lighthouse walk – highly recommend from everyone when we told them we were visiting. And it was a really gorgeous walk on the way up – albeit it really hot. Perhaps if you’re here and fancy doing it yourself it would be best to try it at sunrise or sunset!

Whereas the walk up to the lighthouse was along the coast, giving us plenty of stops to take in the view and watch the kite surfers – the walk down was through a woods filled with critters – and possibly the largest spider I’ve ever seen… If you give the walk a go yourself just be wary that half of it is through a woods and some steep steps!

If you do the coastal route alone it’s really scenic and definitely worth it. there’s also plenty of stops along the way for a drink or something to eat if you fancy doing it in the evening.

Our second day in Byron involved a private surfing lesson for us two. I’m so glad we chose for a private lesson as opposed to joining the group option. I know it might seem a bit bouji to do this, but it only cost an extra $15 each and it was definitely worth it to have the extra attention from our surf teacher.

And it was brilliant, but guaranteed I was exhausted! I kept getting caught in the current on the way out as I couldn’t keep up with the boys, but luckily the instructor was very kind and kept helping me to get out there. He would lead me up to the good waves and shout instructions at me – I got up on the board a few times, but my arms were shaky and I couldn’t get there. Regardless, the thrill of gliding along on a wave – even on all fours – was exhilarating. And made me think perhaps body boarding might be more my thing…

After our surf lesson we were both exhausted – it lasted just over two hours but went by in a flash. We headed off to The Treehouse on Belongil further along the beach, which was a great spot for lunch.

We then drove up to Minyon Falls, which considering it had been dry (up until now) meant there was no waterfall to see, but the journey up there and the view from the platform was incredible.

Whilst hit with a spot of rain the next day we paid a visit to the Byron Bay Brewery, which was a great way to spend a few hours hiding away from the rain. My fiance chose a flight of several beers to enjoy whilst I sipped on a glass of prosecco. The brewery is also handily attached to a small cinema showing the latest releases, so if you’re in Byron and the weather is truly awful, there’s always that as an option!

We’ve been spending each evening having BBQs at our accommodation, but when we have eaten out we chose the same place twice…. bear with me here! Byron Fresh Cafe had exactly the same effect on me last time – as I ate here twice back then too.

What can I say, it’s perfect for brunch and dinner, or even just drinks. The location, the interiors, the pricing and the food are just a myriad of reasons why you need to make this place a must if you’re visiting Byron Bay!  It’s so nice in there, from the bakery, the assorted flowers outside or just the fact they had plenty of fans blowing cold water at us.

I think before I finish up this rambly post I need to mention the accommodation we had for our stay as I thought it was a pretty good bargain for Byron. #BargainforByron is a pretty good hashtag if you ask me…

The U8 Apartments were a really good find via, in that they had a self contained studio, communal BBQs and a pool that could we used. The room had its own sheltered patio area and wasn’t too far from the centre of the town. It also had free, underground parking which was a huge bonus for an area quite sparse for parking spots!

For the amount we paid – which I listed here in a special Australia accommodation post – we had a really good deal. The other options for Byron Bay we’re either hostels or luxury accommodation, and there didn’t seem to be a lot in between. But with these apartments we found a nice middle point for not too much money, and we both enjoyed our time there!

I love looking back at our time in Byron Bay, I hope this rambly diary-style post makes some sort of sense, and has been of any help to anyone planning a trip there anytime soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post, more Australia posts will be coming to the blog every week, but in the meantime my holiday snaps can be found on my Instagram @GrundyTravels.

Thanks for reading x




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