Where To Eat In Chicago

It’s safe to say that no holiday has ever left me feeling so full and satisfied. The food options around Chicago outnumber any possible opportunity to eat, and looking back at our trip we only scratched the surface of what was there.

During our visit we enjoyed several meals at the 5 venues below, and I would definitely recommend a visit to any of the below if you’re visiting the city. Take a read if you’re looking for some Chicago inspiration, or just an excuse to look at some nice food!

Pizzaria uno/Due

As Chicago is the home of the deep dish pizza it would’ve been sacrilege not to try one for the first time. Both Pizzaria Uno and Due we’re close to our hotel, as they’re practically on the same street. Each night we would spot a queue out the door which tempted us to pay a visit, and we certainly didn’t regret it.

Whereas they don’t take bookings here, they do make use of a great waiting system whereby you leave your number and therefore can leave and come back when your table is ready they pop you a text.

In addition, when you turn up to take your place in line you have to order there and then. We chose a small deep dish pizza and believe me when I say that’s more than enough for two.

When we were seated we were offered ‘cheese sticks’ which we accepted under the impression they’d be a little appetiser, and well, Tesco cheese twists they are not. A large basket of deep fried mozzarella sticks were served up, and they were certainly more than enough for two.

If you’re in the market for some deep dish pizza during your stay in Chicago (and why wouldn’t you?) then definitely give either of these spots a try!

Aster Hall

One of the huge advantages of Aster Hall is that its great for a meal when you’re travelling with someone else and can’t decide on one place you both want. As a long time fan of some deep fried chicken when my partner isn’t, this was a great shout for me to indulge whilst he could have something else.

To give some context, Aster Hall is a self-described ‘culinary oasis’, which means a food court but in a luxurious setting. Marble floors and tables surround several food outlets ranging from ramen to seafood to fried chicken.

Ordered via electronic tablets – and drinks are ordered self-serve – no alcohol options as far as I could tell. Your order is placed with the food outlet and you grab your meal when your order is called.

The fried chicken I had from The Ratisserie was delicious, and I was a huge fan of the waffle fries – not something I’ve tried before. Believe it or not I even indulged in the celery too, because balance…

If I haven’t sold you already they have unlimited condiments at Aster Hall, especially Garlic Mayo. Which should sell it enough for you.

Cochon Vilant

Cochon Vilant came recommended from a local Chicagoan and it was probably one of the fanciest places we ate at during our stay, but still reasonably priced. This French-style cuisine restaurant proved a perfect spot to indulge and enjoy some nice food for my birthday. We both chose Moules Frites with a side of Parmesan dusted charred broccoli.

I’ve never had moules frites were the mussels are served in the same dish as the chips but it certainly cut out the middle man of having to dip your chips in the sauce. It was also drizzled in garlic mayo and if this post – neigh this blog – hasn’t persuaded you otherwise, I am a huge fan of garlic mayo.


So good we visited twice. Yolk came recommended from a friend and we enjoyed it so much we returned for our last meal.

I have to admit, visiting America I always to indulge a bit in how large a brunch portion they will provide, and Yolk hit the spot. The menu is unbelievably large and there were plenty of options for brunch or dinner, and despite the name they really didn’t all include eggs.

Both times we visited we were met with great service and a reasonable bill at the end, which considering how much food we ate meant we were pretty chuffed with ourselves.

Labriola Chicago

Our first experience with deep dish pizza proved so large (and we ordered the smallest size) that we ate this for lunch and still didn’t have any room at dinner time.

The service was brilliant – I always appreciate when a waiter is honest about the portions and doesn’t force a large size on you. We were recommended the smallest size for a first experience of deep dish pizza and we still couldn’t finish it between two.

The restaurant had a nice vibe to it and wasn’t too busy. It also boasted a pretty good happy hour deal we didn’t have the chance to take advantage of, but I’d advise trying to visit between 4-7pm if you fancy a bargain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Phew, even reading all that back is giving me the meat sweats. I’m lucky enough that I’ll be returning to America later this year, so I can indulge in some more American larger-than-life meals.

If you’re heading to Chicago city anytime soon I hope you find this post helpful. I would 100% recommend any of the five spots above to visit for a meal, as I enjoyed them all immensely – some so good I visited twice.

I hope you enjoyed this post, more Chicago posts will be coming to the blog every week, but in the meantime my holiday snaps can be found on my Instagram @GrundyTravels.

Thanks for reading x

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