Brisbane Round Two

What do you do when you’re returning to Brisbane with still not a clue what to do? Well, you do it all again..

I have to admit when I returned to Brisbane this time round I was battling some sort of sleep deprivation/jet lag thing, as I really wasn’t feeling 100% myself. It’s such a shame with hindsight, because with only a day to try and explore the city, we really couldn’t cover much ground.

Regardless, what we did see of Brisbane was brilliant – even if it was an almost identical trip to my last time. There were a few little tweaks this time, which I’ll go on to explain…

Last time I visited Brisbane I was in a similar situation – only a day or so to try and explore the city. And I’m slightly ashamed to admit I only scratched the service.

Although this time I did manage to extend further to North of the River, visiting the Brisbane Botanical Gardens, which are certainly a little oasis in the heart of a big city. If your legs get tired like mine were, there are plenty of Lime scooters throughout the city you can grab to whizz around with instead.

This time around we stayed at the Next Hotel Brisbane, enticed by their rooftop swimming pool and attractive Happy hour deals. Whereas the room was a standard double – and includes 4 free items from the mini bar per stay by the way – the rooftop bar and pool was an added bonus to enjoy above a bustling city below.

My partner and I both took turns to do a few laps across the pool, but it seemed more people were there to drink and enjoy the view than risk getting themselves a bit wet. This was something we certainly joined in with as the happy hour was a great deal, and it wasn’t too busy for a Friday evening, meaning you’re not battling the crowds to get to the bar.

After a dip (and a margarita or two) we stepped out at sunset to walk along the Southbank to look for somewhere to eat. Once again, I went back to exactly the same place as last time – Mucho Mexicano – it was just too good not to go back too! One sharer fajita platter and a jug of sangria made for a perfect evening meal between two of us, and it wasn’t too pricey either.

The area we were in – around the Southbank gardens, meant it was a nice place to walk around to get back to our hotel late at night. Watching the locals sit back in the parks and enjoy birthday celebrations, or just Friday night drinks, was fun to watch and feel a part of, and was the closest feeling of being back in London.

Another aspect of Brisbane we got to explore this time around was further down the Southbank and across to the Botanical Gardens. Love how Botanical gardens seem to pop up everywhere around Australia, but they’re a great way to spend an hour or two exploring, or just sitting in the sun.

If you fancy a swim and you don’t have the luxury of a rooftop pool like we were lucky enough to have then the Southbank has a man-made pool with sandy beaches and sun loungers to sit back and relax. If there’s one thing I’ll say about Brisbane, it’s one of the most cost effective cities to enjoy in Australia, as unlike many cities there are plenty of free options to enjoy yourselves, whether exploring the botanical gardens or relaxing on the Southbank.

I love looking back at our brief time in Brisbane, and even though this tiny post doesn’t do it much justice, I hope it’s been of any help to anyone planning a trip there anytime soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post, more Australia posts will be coming to the blog every week, but in the meantime my holiday snaps can be found on my Instagram @GrundyTravels.

Thanks for reading x




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