Where To Eat and Drink in NYC Round 2

Hi everyone, apologies if you have deja vu – I may have done a post like this before – but New York is a never ending opportunity to eat, drink and be merry so on my most recent trip I had the best of both worlds and visited old favourites and new spots on the to-do list.

If you’re heading to NYC anytime soon or just fancy looking at some delicious food then look no further. Below is everywhere I’d recommend if you’re visiting the Big Apple.

Kat’s Deli

It’s half worth going to this infamous joint just for the experience alone – it is the spot from When Harry Met Sally after all. The other half is of course to experience the food which is like nothing else.

I’m lucky on our visit that my mum was happy to order and share (one of my fav ways of exploring more of a menu) and so I had the chance to try their smoked salmon (called Lox in this part of the world) bagel and still try half of the pastrami sandwich. They were both delicious but I’m glad I had the chance to have half of each, they were both so rich I’m unsure I could’ve done it all in one go.

When you arrive you’re handed a ticket to either wait in line for table service or head straight to the deli (and if you’re heading for lunch I’d recommend turning up just before midday if you want to avoid a queue). Table service is easier if you don’t want the stress of spotting your own space, but note that the customer service is no nonsense, and its best to know what you want and order fast!

Punch Bar & Grill

Found completely by accident (which sometimes is the best way to be honest) but Punch bar and grill is great for several reasons. The first being that their happy ‘hour’ runs from 1-9pm which is the longest hour I’ve ever seen. Not only that but their prosecco was really tasty and one I would recommend heartily.

Secondly that their aioli is the best aioli I think I’ve ever had. Great with both their calamari and their fries – which were both large enough portions to feed all three of us well. If you’re around the flat iron area and fancy a drink or some cracking calamari then I would definitely recommend this spot for a drink and a snack.


I had this cafe on my list for several years but was drawn back to it recently by a recent ManRepeller post about ‘Seeking Pleasure in New York‘ that directed me back to Maman. It is a spot I would have previously put into a ‘too healthy for a New York brunch’ spot, but what can I say, it won me over.

I was initially drawn in by their coffee butter waffles, but the salmon on a hash brown waffle with avocado and runny boiled egg absolutely swung me. And I’m glad I did.

It was a larger-than-life American brunch of course, but it was nice to have some fresh produce and vegetables after a few days of fried shrimp and frozen margaritas. And of course the interiors were a beautiful cherry on top of an already delightful cake.


An oldie but a goody, because I certainly have waxed lyrical about this chain before. but you can’t beat a good portion of Bubby’s brunch when in NYC. I love the friendly service and warming brunch menu to start you off for the day.

Don’t forget to try their ‘biscuits’ which are fresh scones – a perfect addition to a giant brunch that is a habit I want to start here in the UK. I finally had the chance to try their pancakes this time around and they did not disappoint. The greens omelette is also a tasty treat which still packs in quite a lot of veg if you’re in a carb coma. I also left this time with my own Bubby’s mug that I’ve been delightfully sipping tea from since I returned home.

Jack’s Wife Freda

I have to admit I’ve insta-stalked these guys since I last went to visit over 3 years ago, but I can’t help it. Their enthusiasm for their restaurants is palpable from their insta stories, and it draws me back every time I visit New York city.

I hadn’t been for dinner before so I was delighted to find the menu was delicious, and topped off with the special of the day, Watermelon Margaritas with a spicy edge. I chose to have the Madam Freda, which is essentially a croquet madam but with duck bacon – a perfect addition if you ask me.

I’d recommend this spot for brunch and dinner as I’ve had the privilege of trying both. The atmosphere and interiors is delightful, and it’s always a treat to eat there.

Anywhere great I’ve missed? Please let me know in the comments or on my Instagram @GrundyTravels where more of my holiday snaps can be found!

I hope you enjoyed this post, more New York posts will be coming to the blog every week. Thanks for reading x

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