Bridal Shopping in New York

This is certainly a topic I never thought I’d be writing about, but on my recent trip to New York I indulged my mum and booked in a few appointments to try on wedding dresses. I’m not really writing too much #weddingcontent on here, but as it was a completely different experience to what I’ve had before, I wanted to write up how it all went!

So, to begin I booked an appointment at Kleinfelds Bridal, which some readers may know as the wedding dress shop from Say Yes To The Dress. This appointment was mainly to indulge my mum who is a huge fan of the show.

I had to book an appointment pretty much two months in advance to be fit in, and to my surprise it didn’t cost me a penny (as British brides-to-be will know, most Saturday appoints require a deposit).

I hadn’t thought too much about the appointment but for some reason as soon as we entered I was hit with nerves. Perhaps it was the ‘you could be filmed at any point’ sign at the front door, or just the other hoards of nervous brides and their posse’s that had me suddenly having jitters.

Luckily I wasn’t asked to be on the show, or even saw any cameras whilst there, which relaxed me an awful lot. Our appointment lasted an hour and I had the chance to try on a few dresses whilst there, but considering my budget wasn’t really in their ball park (they took me to a room especially for dresses under $2,000 😳)

I think it was all worth it for my mum to get to visit the store and see some of the stars of the show!

In addition to Kleinfelds I booked an appointment at BHLDN, which is a wedding dress shop I’ve wanted to visit for aaages, and was so lucky I had the chance to visit on this trip to NYC. Whereas Kleinfelds was an experiences because it was Kleinfelds I felt like BHLDN was more of a wedding boutique that suited me.

The service was great, the atmosphere in their loft was lovely and the dresses were more me. I love all the style of dresses from BHLDN (their parent company also owns Anthropologie if that gives you a hint as to the vibe of the place).

At BHLDN I found way more dresses that I loved, and frankly if they were in the UK I could’ve walked home with any of them, but – ever the pragmatist – the logistics of trying to get a dress home to the UK in my hand luggage put me off.

Whereas I didn’t fly home with a dress packed in my carry-on it did plant the seed of researching a brand when I got home, which eventually lead to me finding my dress! So overall the wedding dress shopping certainly wasn’t a wasted experience, it led me to the final dress in the end!

This is a bit of a ramble post, but if you’re heading to the states and are looking for a wedding dress I would recommend BHLDN. Kleinfelds is Kleinfelds and if you’re a fan of the show then definitely have a look, the only downside is the dresses are so expensive. But on the plus side I now have a Kleinfelds branded water bottle I won’t be throwing away anytime soon…

The service is certainly different to the UK, and it seems they’re more keen on a hard sell than I’ve experienced here.

Like I said, there won’t be too much wedding info coming up on here, Honeymoon posts there will be plenty of though I’m sure. In the meantime I’m over on Instagram @GrundyTravels where more of my holiday snaps can be found!

I hope you enjoyed this post, more New York posts will be coming to the blog every week. Thanks for reading x

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