5 Travel Apps That Are Worth The Phone Storage

I’m luckily enough to travel quite a bit throughout the year, and I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t be able to do any of it if I wasn’t so reliant on my phone. Not just for podcasts – the amount of books I’ve read this year is shameful – but the amount of podcasts I’ve listened too is something else. 

But the amount of travel apps I now own have been a great help this year – not just for the planning stages, but right through to the holiday itself. I wanted to give a shout out to 5 apps I use constantly on a trip that always making travelling that much easier. So without further ado…


I had heard of this app many times over the past few years but only properly gave it a try last year when trying to find some cheap flights for a mini break to Lisbon, that seemed to be on the pricey side overtime I looked.

The concept is simple, type in your destination and desired dates and the Hopper app will advise you on when to book – even sending you notifications when there’s a sudden price drop – and it keeps a track on the flight options for you and advises when to book. It’s incredibly helpful if you know where you want to go and are flexible on your exact dates – as it can help you get the best deal.


I’ve written before about my experiences with Lime in Paris and with Donkey Republic in Copenhagen, but I wanted to mention it again here. The way apps and technology have advanced the options of simply hopping on a bike and cycle around a new city is brilliant.

So long are the days of having to hire a bike (or even a scooter) for half a day and trying to get your money’s worth in whilst still taking in the sights and stopping for a drink everyone and then. Now, you can rock up to a bike, scan it in and then cycle away.

For example, on our trip in Melbourne the city’s bikes were $3 for the day and then free to ride in 45 minute chunks throughout that 24 hour slot. We grabbed them twice to get to and from the botanical gardens and they worked a treat. The only downside (although I appreciated the reason behind it) is that you have to ride with a helmet on – so if a bike wasn’t docked with it’s helmet then you were slightly stuck.

Anyway, I think they’re great apps to have as most of them seem to be universal now, even Lime has made it’s way to London and I a loving the electronic scooters.


App In The Air

I hadn’t heard of this app before until I bought an Apple Watch. And yes I’m one of those people with an Apple Watch now, but this app takes travelling to another level.

If you add the details of your upcoming flight – which even if you don’t have the exactly flight number to hand, the calendar can often work it out for you. It tells you the timeline of your upcoming flight, as to when you check-in to when your flight will start boarding. It might sound pointless but it stops you having to track down the nearest departure board when you get to the airport!

It works on your phone, not just on the watch, but it’s really super handy and takes away a bit of pre-flight stress. You can spend less time searching out departure boards and more time in the bar, and that’s perfect for me…


How many times have I ended up booking (or starting planning) a holiday simply thanks to a little browse on sky scanner? Too many.

It’s phone app is really handy and even though I always run my flights past the Hopper app to see if I should hold out or bite the bullet, Skyscanner is my first point of call. The ‘Anytime’ setting is always handy when finding the cheapest options and means I can get the best deals.

Apple Wallet

As much as I never actually use Apple Pay, I always use the wallet for my boarding passes – in fact I really need to delete all my old tickets in there as it’s getting a bit crowded now, but then it’s quite nice to have the memories stored on my phone!

Long gone are the days of printing out passes and I’ve so far never been turned away with an electronic version. With the Apple Wallet your boarding pass tends to stick on your home screen up until your flight, which means there’s no hold up at the check-in desk as it’s right there at your fingertips.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

There we have it! Honestly I swear by these 5 apps whenever I’m off on my travels. The amount of time, brain power and paper they’ve saved have been monumental. And overall they’ve saved a lot of stress!

Get downloading and let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any vital ones that I should try! In the meantime, check out my Instagram @GrundyTravels where more of my holiday snaps can be found!

Thanks for reading x


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