4 Rooftop Bars in New York to Add to Your List

Yes, I’m aware I sound like a very broken record right now, but if you haven’t guessed from reading this blog yet, I’m a huge fan of a rooftop bar. On my recent trip to New York the weather was incredible, and so we took the chance to grab some sun from some of the best and most-recommended rooftop bars we could find.

Whereas we did visit some old favourites we also tried out some new spots that I wanted to add to the recommendation list! So, grab yourself a cup of tea or a frozen margarita and take a look at these new rooftop bar picks!

For the Cocktails – Roof at Park South

This was a given as this bar happened to sit right on top of my hotel during my last trip, with the elevator actually being incredibly close to our room – which was a sign to visit if anything.

Not only does it have an extensive cocktail menu (albeit an expensive one, but that’s a running theme in this post…) but it had a pretty great view. You couldn’t see the ‘big’ buildings per se, but at dusk there was a gorgeous view of the surrounding skyline.

This lack of ‘big sight’ drawing point meant it wasn’t as packed as you’d expect, so there was room to sit, chat and not get jostled by busy elbows pushing past. Also, they’re cocktails look pretty jazzy as well, so if you’re in it for the aesthetic, this bar is your spot.

For the Iconic View – 203 Rooftop Bar

Frosé? Tick. Views of the Empire State Building? Tick. Right off 5th Avenue? Tick, tick tick.

203 had been on my list for a few years and I’m glad we had the chance to visit this time round. Despite being hit by a thunderstorm halfway through we still managed to enjoy the sun and sit right at the top in front of the Empire State Building, frosé in hand.

Once again, it’s hardly cheap, but they do have a cracking view of the city, so once you weigh up a visitor ticket to a viewing deck, this place definitely wins. They do have a happy hour as well, so if you plan it perfectly you can still take advantage of two-for-one wine.

For a Party – Mr Purple

This is technically cheating as I have mentioned this rooftop bar before, but I definitely didn’t experience it at it’s fullest last time. This time we were in season, and luckily arrived just before it really got busy, so we got to experience it at it’s best, sunny and with table service!

As we arrived probably around 15 minutes before the rest of Manhattan did, it meant we managed to grab a seat, and then sat back and enjoyed the good weather whilst our waitress served us cocktails. I had two frozen margaritas, and yes, it was expensive again. But considering you have to tip generously in New York anyway, might as well enjoy the service straight to your table.

For The View – Bar Sixty Five

Again, another repeat offender, but it’s worth mentioning this spot again as this year around we experienced it in daylight, and with a really incredible view of the city. Not only would I definitely recommend this place but I would say it’s vital to book to get the best experience out of this bar.

If you can book a spot it’s more than likely you’ll get a better view, as the walk-up line were only allowed in a standing area in the middle of the bar. This meant they weren’t as close to the windows as the rest of us, and so didn’t get to enjoy the view.

Not only that, but as we took our turn to head out to the viewing platform the security guard cleared it for us. As in, he made people leave so we could have it to ourselves, madness. I think if you’re a walk-up patron then your time outside is limited, whereas we were encouraged to stay out there as long as we wanted, and all to ourselves!

Again, the cocktails are expensive, but they’re brilliant and so worth it for the view and the experience of having a drink at the Rockefeller centre alone.

Anywhere great I’ve missed? Please let me know in the comments or on my Instagram @GrundyTravels where more of my holiday snaps can be found!

I hope you enjoyed this post, more New York posts will be coming to the blog every week. Thanks for reading x

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