St Ives

St Ives certainly isn’t the capital of Cornwall, but it’s the places most people would mention when I spoke about our Cornish adventure. And I can certainly see why, as it’s an idyllic little village right on the coast. There are sandy beaches and plenty of spots to eat which makes it a brilliant place to visit, or stay at.

If you’re looking to visit Cornwall then St Ives is certainly a great spot to start. It’s a  beautiful town with little shops and cafes lining the port where you can grab a coffee or a Cornish pasty and go and sit in the sand. All I’ll say is be careful of the seagulls…

It’s easy to hear and laugh at that warning, as I did, but after ordering a scoop of Vanilla Kelly’s Cornish ice cream and tried to enjoy it by the pier but a seagull swooped in and comically made off with the scoop before I could even have a lick. So, like I said, be careful of the seagulls…

Whereas I didn’t have the chance to eat at St Ives I was recommended the Rum and Crab Shack which, looking at the menu, looks like a brilliant spot to enjoy some Cornish rum and crab! I did grab a coffee from Pels of St Ives and can confirm the Cornish Pasties on offer there looked absolutely huge. 

It’s such a shame the clouds were out on our visit as it gives these pictures a bit of a gloomy vibe, but St Ives is anything but that. As we were there on a Saturday afternoon the place was bustling with tourists, and small children playing on the beach.

If (actually, when!) I return to Cornwall I’ll make more time to stay in St Ives as it seems like a spot that would be gorgeous to stay at, especially in better weather.

More posts on Cornwall will be coming to the blog soon but in the meantime I’ll be on Instagram @GrundyTravels where more of my holiday snaps can be found!

Thanks for reading x


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