Camping During a Pandemic

Hi everyone! It’s been a sweet ol’ while since I last wrote a post on here, but like most of the world it’s been a long time since I last went on my holiday!

It’s safe to say that 2020 didn’t turn out like we all planned, but rather than focusing on holidays planned and replanned and cancelled, I wanted to write up a post about our recent camping trip to the Norfolk Broads.

I hope it might be helpful and perhaps encourage anyone who’s unsure about booking a camping trip in this current climate. Because whereas it may not seem like the ‘safest’ way to holiday, it’s currently one of our best bets of having a proper summer holiday this year.

I also want to start by saying that I don’t believe it’s unsafe to go camping right now, and in fact its probably one of the best holidays where you can encounter very little other people as possible. If you have all your own camping gear then it’s easy enough to just rock up at a campsite, pitch up, and sit back and have a lukewarm glass of wine far away from anyone else.

Honestly, it really is a great shout if you want to steer clear of others. And all campsites I’ve been to so far have made a point to make extra COVID precautions, such as extended check-in and out times to avoid too many people crossing paths.

We were lucky that we had been camping last Summer so we had all the kit basics. I’ve written a post here about the best packing list for a camping trip, but if you can’t get your hands on it all I’d say all you really need is a tent, camping chairs and an inflatable mattress. Everything else isn’t necessary. Both campsites I’ve been to this Summer have had cafes on site and pubs within walking distance, so there’s always that option when it comes to food.

There’s still plenty of campsites that are open for an even longer season this year. To find them we just use which does exactly what you’d expect, to help you find plots available. Despite majority of places being booked up for the August bank holiday weekend (at the time of writing) there still seems to be a lot of plots at other times.

If we can we’re going to try and fit a few more weekend trips in this Summer, as we’re lucky we can just jump in the car and drive an hour or two out of London and it feels like a world away.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. More camping posts will surely be up this year. Stay safe!

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