3 Great Kent Beaches to visit

I’ve always thought you never really appreciate where you grew up. For me, I was born and raised in Kent and I didn’t pay too much attention to my home county until I left, and chats with friends made me realise that having a day trip to the beach every weekend isn’t a normal experience.

Now I live in London I find a lot of people escape to Kent at the weekends as it’s so accessible by train, and I’ve been told several times that Margate is the *it* place to be. And disclaimer – I haven’t been to Margate since it became trendy. My memories of Margate are Summer days, 99 Mr Whippies and Dreamland the theme park *before* health and safety was a thing.

So, this post doesn’t contain anything about Margate, but I’m sure you’ve heard how great it is. This is about three other Kentish beaches that you can get to from London that are worth the day trip – or even weekend. So, here we go…

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My favourite Kentish spot by miles, I really love Deal. I love the beaches which are rarely too busy, walking through the cute and quiet streets, the Sea View fish and chip shop, and the unspoilt (read – un-gentrified) town centre.

Saying that, Deal is featuring more and more on the map, and reading this post from The Frugality brought my attention to The Rose Hotel, which looks incredibly cute and had me itching to book in for a short stay.


If younger me would see me now, recommending Folkestone as somewhere to visit, they would certainly be scoffing. Folkestone has had a bit of a rebrand in recent years and it’s a treat to visit if you’re up for some Sea Air and potentially some Prosecco in a lighthouse.

In recent years there’s been a lot of development in Folkestone, especially along The Harbour Arm which has now been developed to house pop up food trucks, I was about to sum it up but their website does it perfectly with this sentence:

“From fresh Greek mezze served from a double decker bus, to vegan fare in a restaurant housed in two shipping containers, to Champagnes in a bar tucked into the Lighthouse at the end of the Arm.”

If you’ve had too much sea air there is. a steep trip of road leading into the city centre lined with art galleries, vintage shops and coffee shops if you need a pick me up along the way.


This place isn’t exactly a hidden gem of the Kentish coast, but it’s certainly a place to put on your radar if you fancy a day at the beach and especially some Oysters.

Get there early if you’re driving as the small town fills up quickly, but it’s worth it if you’re after a wonder through quiet streets, vintage shops, small bookshops and little cafes and bars.

Whitstable is famous for it’s Oyster farms, and even has an Oyster festival each year where you can visit, load up on Oysters and even enjoy some fireworks at the end. Even if you’re not a fan of seafood it’s still good fun to pick up a beer or a cocktail at the beach.

I’ve not personally stayed there but on my bucket list is to book a stay at The Fishermans Huts which are right on the beach edge. If you can find a weekend that’s not fully booked – they really are that popular – then book yourselves in for an intimate little hut right on the sea edge.

There we have it! 3 other Kentish beaches to try before you head to Margate. If you’re up for a weekend away this year, these are all so easily accessible by train or by car.

Thanks for reading!

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