Jet lag Do’s and Don’ts : According to the Internet

Jet lag. It's a funny thing really. You know in your mind that you're in a different country and a different time zone, but your body is like nope. I've been doing a lot of research on how to combat jet lag on my upcoming trip, and the ultimate conclusion is that it's unavoidable, but it can … Continue reading Jet lag Do’s and Don’ts : According to the Internet


Cycling in Copenhagen

It's funny. When I was 11 I took the cycling proficiency course, which here in the UK is a course and a test that kids can take to teach them road safety when cycling. And I failed. It was pretty devastating and embarrassing to fail, because I was the only one in a group to … Continue reading Cycling in Copenhagen


If this year was anything like the past 5, I'd currently be gearing myself up for another weekend on Worth Farm, currently packing up my car to make the journey to Pilton, Somerset. But, as this year there isn't a Glastonbury festival, I've decided to fill the five-day-filthy-extravaganza shared hole in my life by summing … Continue reading Glastonbury